Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy happy joy joy

This week is shaping up to be pretty damn exciting--a vast improvement over last week, that's for sure. First off, I got a haircut the other night that I think I love. It's cut in a bob, but not the flapper kind of bob I used to sport when I was, like, 20 and could get away with dressing in flapper dresses and hats, too. This is more of a modern bob, and maybe the best thing about it is if I push it behind my ears I don't look like I have an angry cobra hood haloing my head. Imagine this hairdo in red and with the sides not sticking out like that. It's so cute! I like.

Today I get to take my girls and the doggie over to my mom's house. I will be feted with shrimp fajitas and maybe a glass of wine while the kids eat grilled cheese sandwiches and Mom coos over everyone for awhile. Did I ever mention that I have 2 twin 6-1/2 year old brothers? They adore Sister and she'll be happily out of my hair for the afternoon.

Then tomorrow night, Husband and I have gotten a babysitter to come LATE so that we can go out to a show together. Let me assure you, THIS NEVER HAPPENS, so I'm totally psyched. We're going to see this band at the Cat's Cradle. I may even have a cheap beer while I'm out--the luxury!

On Saturday, I'm going to a day spa, courtesy of 2 gift cards from my stepfather that I'm finally getting to take advantage of. Here's the package that I'm getting:

R E J U V E N A T E & R E N E W Experience the essence of the spa experience — relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal. We’ve combined some of our most popular treatments into one visit so you can truly have it all. Relax with a stress-reducing Instant Ahh shoulder, neck, and back massage. Then you’re cocooned in a rejuvenating and detoxifying Herbal Body Wrap, where you’re further relaxed with a scalp massage. Finally, refresh your face with a Skin Balancing Facial customized for your skin type. Simply and completely renewing. 125 minutes.
Don't you love all those gerunds? I'm also getting a fancy paraffin pedicure after all that. I can't wait! (Squealed in an octave higher than my normal voice.)

And finally, Husband has agreed that he'll work on cleaning up all the crap that's currently cluttering up our bedroom and living room. Boxes of things from his parents' house are still just sitting around and are becoming invisible to him, I think, while they're just annoying me now that he's been back relaxing at home for coming up on 2 weeks. After all that, I'll be like a contented, quivering bowl full of happy jelly. I'm so thrilled.


kfk said...

Cute cut and wow! a day at the spa. I'm so jealous.

Piece of Work said...

You have twin 6.5 year old BROTHERS? As in, not step or half? YOu must tell the story. And tell us more about them!
Sounds like things are looking up for you--have a great date and a great spa day.

Yay, the Cat's Cradle!

Dawn said...

I can feel the joy and excitement through that post, darlin.

You deserve a lovely time - at every one of those events!

And I have a Very similar haircut - I call it the "smart, sophisticated woman - who still looks like she has a vague smidgeon of style in her"

Jess Riley said...

Oh wow, enjoy!!! Very cute haircut, too. :)

The Daring One said...

Ah. That is awesome. Enjoy your time off.

cubmommy said...

What an awesome week!! You deserve it after last week. Have fun watching the band and going to the spa. The spa sounds awesome. I am jealous!!! Relax and enjoy!!!

Suzanne said...

A concert, a spa day, and de-cluttering? What a trifecta! Good for you!

Mama D said...

Can I be excited and jealous at the same time? I hope you have a lovely, lovely time at the spa and your haircut sounds delicious. Too bad you won't post a picture of it!

Trabinski said...

Great hair! I'm always trying to be conscious of not appearing too "I'm a stay at home mom" frump. Not sure if it's working though. Living in a small town there's not much to gauge by. :|

Have an amazing weekend. Sounds decadent. Enjoy!!

Mommygoth said...

Goodness! That sounds fabulous!