Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More evidence that I need a break

I'm having a hard time this morning. Here are some stupid, petty things that have already annoyed me:

  1. Husband left his dirty clothes just lying there on the rug next to the bed.
  2. There was a chunk of dog food stuck to the bottom of the sink.
  3. The leeks were grossly gritty when I chopped them to start soup for dinner.
  4. The kitchen floor is once again filthy, dammit.
  5. The weather sucks ass today.
  6. Husband didn't get to the dog groomer's on time, so the woman locked her door and didn't let him in. Apparently, her policy is strict. You show up on time during the hour time frame that she gives you, or you lose your appointment. Husband knew he was running late but STILL stopped at the bank on his way there and so missed the appointment. I certainly have no intention of calling this woman up again and risk being lectured about my Husband not showing up on time, so I just called one of those giant pet chain marts and I'm taking the damn dog in myself once Bean wakes up. Dammit.
  7. The desk, which is in our living room because the office is now the baby's room, is once again covered in papers and opened mail and business cards and newspapers, despite the fact that I.just.filed.everything.2.days.ago. Grrrrrr!
And it's not even lunchtime yet. Isn't this ridiculous? Am I at long last about to get my period, 11 months after having Bean? What the hell? I clearly need to do something to get over myself, but I don't know what yet. Any suggestions?


cubmommy said...

I hate those days when everything is annoying and you wish you could go back to bed. Sorry the day is crappy. I think you deserve a nice drink this evening.

Mama D said...

Having read your next post regarding the itchy yuckiness I don't know what to say. I'm sending you good wishes, lots of patience and hugs!

Dawn said...

Holy crap. I read the lice post first - and then got through this one.

2 bottles of wine. Or Grey Goose straight if needed.

Lauren said...

One of those gin-based cocktails you mention? Seriously, do you belong to a gym? Because a good cardio workout, weights, stretching and the steam room will do it for me.

Mommygoth said...

Girl, sounds like a totally aggravating day. Embrace the bitchiness, say "rat monkey fucker" about 20 times, throw something, and stomp your foot. Then, drink heavily as soon as Husband gets home.