Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm soaking in it

Sigh. It's been another one of those inexplicably sucky days where I'm just mad at the world. I'm mad at baby Bean for being so sick and fussy. I'm mad at Sister for being home from school for the beginning of spring break and, like, wanting stuff. Snacks and one more cartoon and trips to Build-a-Bear and not to have to walk the dog just down the block and on and on. I'm mad at my Husband for going to work and leaving me here at home again with the kids. Work sounds like absolute heaven right now. I'm mad at the cashier at the grocery store for trying to talk to my fussy baby instead of just Woman, if we could just get the hell out of the store, she'd stop being fussy for a minute. Soothing her is my job. PLEASE just do your damn job and shut the fuck up already.

See? Just awful. I'm trying to improve my shit mood by baking a French torte for dessert tonight. Generally, I find baking relaxing and therapeutic. Well, now that I'm no longer paid to do it, that is. And it is helping somewhat, mostly because I've been licking chocolate rum ganache and chocolate hazelnut spongecake batter off my fingers for the last hour. (Uh, no, I don't give a rat's ass about salmonella poisoning, thanks.) The cake is in the oven now and the house is beginning to smell less like burned chicken pot pie drippings and more like something delicious. Maybe it will help. And maybe I'll hit Husband up for some childcare tomorrow while I go off by myself and get my hair cut. I think I just need to get the hell out of here without anyone crying or barking or arguing or asking me for shit.

Now THAT'S what's really going to help.


Amber said...

I'm sorry. Days like that suck. Especially when there are days like that several times in a row. I get to bake this weekend. I'm excited. :)

Dawn said...

I really know where you are at right now. I took yesterday off so I wouldn't take the star role in "Office Massacre 2006".

And then I called my therapist and booked an hour on Monday Morning.

Take that afternoon off for you!

Piece of Work said...

OH, I am sooo hungry now! I want some of that ganache!
Hope tomorrow goes better--some time to yourself should definitely help.
THere are so MANY days when I feel like I just can't do ONE MORE THING for someone else.

cubmommy said...

I know what you mean those days really suck. You feel like you want to scream leave me alone!

I am also going to let my husband watch the kids tomorrow and just might head downtown to the library. A place where I can think.

I hope you have a better weekend.

PS. My neighbors are still pretty loud with the stomping that they do. Nothing I can do about walking around their apartment. This move will be better for all of us. Looking at getting out of our lease a month early because of the neighbors.

Nancy said...

Hope you have a better weekend.

I bet that French torte will be awesome with a cup of coffee and a little extra shot of somethin' in the mug. ;-)

Bobita said...

I think we had the exact same day!!!

I called my husband and left a message on his cell phone...that he had better RACE his brown butt DIRECTLY home!

Our neighbors are out of town for a few days and so we are watering the cows...when my husband got home he asked, "do you want to water the cows or stay here with the kids?" Guess what I did to have a few moments of solitude?

Go get yer hair done and have a wonderful time! :)

Amber said...

water cows??

Mental picture immediately flashing into my mind:
"lady out there with a sprinkler sprinkling little cow sprouts so they grow"

Reality- 'hmm, I guess they have to drink something'

Amber (total city girl apparently)

Belle said...

Gah, I have *so* been there!

I hope you get to have some alone time just for you, soon!

Nixie Knox said...

That kind of day(s) is enough to make anyone batty. I find breaks from school really, really challenging. I have tried to make the situation a bit easier by stocking the lower shelf in the fridge with already filled juice cups and chocolate milk cups and ready made snacks so I don't have to get off my ass every three seconds to fetch, you know, life sustaining nutrients for my kids. It is a beautiful thing. And that cake sounds DIVINE. I wish I could bake.

Queen Beth said...

Sounds like your day was like my day yesterday (Saturday). Sick of my kids not getting along on their spring break, sick of housebreaking our puppy and so on.

We need to take a vacation! Or at least a bubble bath!!

Melissa said...

mmm your tart sounds yummy. I hope your weekend left you in a better mood.

Mommygoth said...

SO sad that I didn't get over there to sample the torte this weekend due to general snot problems all the way around. Sorry you had such a stinky day, too. Hope Bean is better. Miss K is a snot factory now anyway, so we probably could have just gone for it.

Mama D said...

That's so funny about the cashier. Well, not funny, annoying. Don't you love it when people are trying to be helpful only to acheive the exact opposite? I do. I hope you had a nice haircut!