Sunday, April 02, 2006

Day spa redux

Has it REALLY been that long since I last posted?! Crap! Sorry, y'all. It's just that I've been half-dead, trying to entertain Sister on her spring break while dealing with a little sick Bean. I'm back now, though, resisting the allure of a gorgeous, warm spring day outside for just a minute or 2 longer.

I woke up a very shiny, fresh mama this morning. Daylight Savings be damned! I went to bed an hour early last night and the compliant Miss Bean slept in a bit later than usual, so I am rested at last. Not to mention that I had my spa appointments yesterday. Here's my review of my treatments at Skin Sense Day Spa in Raleigh, NC:

Instant Ahh Massage: Eh. So-so, but mostly because 25 minutes is just too short to really relax for me. I should've sprung for the hour-long massage, though the whole butt-rub makes me all nervous. I know! I know! Of course they're professionals and they've probably seen far worse cellulite than mine. But still.

Herbal Body Wrap: This was my first ever body wrap, and I must say that I thought it was a complete waste of my stepfather's gift card. What's this "detoxifying" business about anyway? What the hell "toxins" are they talking about? It's not like I sprinkle mercury on my yogurt in the mornings, or add rat poison to my tea. I don't buy it. Plus, even though I am so not claustrophobic, being wrapped tightly in heavy, wet cloths DID begin to freak me out there towards the end after I'd basted awhile. Mentally, I knew I could free myself if I needed to. But I was scared to try in case I couldn't.

Skin Balancing Facial: Facials are my all-time favorite spa treatment. In my opinion, you get the most bang for your buck with a facial. It's always worth the money. Bonus: the facialist or aesthetician or whatever her job title is was a dead ringer for Patsy Cline. Also? I have never had someone giving me a facial be so positiviely gleeful about "extracting" the shit clogging my pores. She was practically rubbing her hands and cackling with anticipation once she turned that bright light on my face and got a look at my disgusting pores. I almost thought she should be paying ME for providing her with so much dirty fun.

Peaches and Cream Pedicure: Called that because they put this stinky stuff in the foot bath, I guess. But it was a lovely pedicure because they had this gigantic vibrating chair and trashy magazines to read. Now usually I don't read magazines while I'm getting a pedicure because I figure that if someone's willing to scrub my gnarly feet I should at least converse with her. But this kind soul encouraged me to read them and I loved her for it.

Bitchy Receptionist at the Counter Afterwards: When I asked what was the standard tip for these services, the smiley, sweet receptionist replied breezily, "Oh usually 15 to 20% is what most people do, or a specific dollar amount. Basically, whatever you feel about your services." I said, "Okay, just put 15% on my card, then," only to be greeted with an icy frown. She was quite terse with me after that. Did she not just say 15% was appropriate? I mean, it's not like my services were stellar or anything. Very nice, but not over-the-top exceptional. I routinely tip 20% for restaurant employees who make $2.13 an hour, or for the woman who does my hair when she really nails exactly what I was asking for. But I feel fine not tipping pretty good day spa employees 20% as a matter of course, knowing they make a lot more than $2.13 an hour. 15% is a fine tip! Bee-yotch.

All in all, though, this was worth doing. I got to leave the baby at home with Husband for a luxurious 4 hours, and my stepfather's gift cards covered almost the whole bill. It was damn nice to have a break.


Barbara said...

It's time: Trying to Catch Up: Blog Olympics Training Camp

Amber said...

Yay! Glad you had fun and relaxed. I've never had a facial- but many hour long massages. Seriously it's my favorite (although I LOVE a good pedi). Maybe I'll get a facial when we day spa it up for our anniversary this month (the current front runner plan). I'm to the point where an hour isn't long enough for a massage either- I prefer 90 minutes.

cubmommy said...

Glad you had a relaxing day!!! I love massages. I have never had a facial. Maybe someday. Enjoy your weather!! It is still chilly here.

Nancy said...

Maybe the receptionist was cranky because she had to do math? Still, geez.

I had a manicure today -- kind of thinking I should have gone with the pedicure.

Dawn said...

They could have thrown small pebbles at me for 4 hours of alone time!

And yes - these people wax crotch for a living. Your butt cellulite? Heaven

Mama D said...

Glad you had a pretty good time at the spa. I think that receptionist should be fired. They are lucky to have been tipped at all! Coming from someone who LOVES my tips, I never expect anything from anyone but I am pleasantly surprised and grateful to get them.

mothergoosemouse said...

I've only had a wrap once, and would you believe that it was more than ten years ago? I thought it was a stupid idea then, and I can hardly believe people are still making money off it.

I think I will treat myself to a facial. Or as you put it, I will treat the aesthetician to an hour's worth of extracting gunk from my pores. She will have a field day, I'm sure!

I'm glad you had some R&R. And pttthhhttt to the snotty receptionist.

Queen Beth said...

Snotty people really bug me.

Mommygoth said...

Oh god, I'd sell my soul to the devil for a facial about right now - also my favorite treatment - plus you feel all scrubbed and shiny the whole rest of the day!