Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Misadventures with beauty products

This conversation really happened the other night as Husband and I were getting ready to go to his office Christmas party.

Husband walks into the bathroom where I'm applying lipstick and puts on his deodorant. He winces and raises his arms, flapping them about while making more terrible faces and sucking in his breath.

Me: What's wrong?
Husband: God, this stings!
Me: Are you chafed from your long run this morning?
Husband: No, I guess I just scrubbed my armpits too hard in the shower.
Me: (pause) Just using a washcloth?
Husband: No, I used that new thing you have in there.
Me: (incredulously) You mean my pumice stone?!
Husband: Is that what it's called?
Me: That's supposed to be for feet! For scrubbing hard callouses off of feet!
Husband: I was just trying to get extra clean!
Me: Can I blog about this?


Piece of Work said...


Lauren said...

Ha. Keep all razors, depilatory, and waxing products away from this man.

Nancy said...


Moonface said...

so funny!

kris said...

I'm am going to cry I'm laughing so hard.

The Daring One said...


"Me: Can I blog about this?"

This is a very common question around our house.

Response? About 50/50. There are some things the blog world is just not ready for, I guess.

Mommygoth said...

Oh god. I'm going to have a hard time looking him in the face the next time I see him. Bless his heart!

my oh pie maker said...

geeeez. . . what does one say? i think mommygoth summed it up quite nicely with "bless his heart" . . .
thanks for the giggle!

cubmommy said...

Too funny! LOL!