Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And now for something completely non-Christmas

It's been so hard to even check my email these days, much less sit down at the computer long enough to blog about something. I've barely been able to check others' blogs even, and that's usually one of the things I look forward to on any given day. This morning, though, I did manage to check email--actually I'm procrastinating finishing a baby blanket Christmas gift--and had this fun little plum dropped into my lap by a friend. We all know, of course, that magazine cover photos are touched up so the women on them are always perfect, gorgeous, ridiculously fit yet curvy, etc. But this link leads you step-by-retouching-step through what exactly they do. If y'all are in need of some non-holiday brain-junk to take up 15 minutes and lose yourself in, I think this is it. Enjoy! And keep shovelling down those Christmas cookies knowing that truly, no one looks like that!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I saw that picture on another blog. I am pleased to know that even I might someday be able to have a real waist. (now excuse me while I go brush up on my Photoshop skills!) ;-)