Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In which our household becomes very ill

Was I complaining about the let-down after Christmas yesterday? I've got MUCH bigger things to worry about now. Our house has been visited by a barfing plague, apparently via my mom, stepfather, and 2 little brothers (6-year old twins). They enjoyed Christmas dinner at our house, but apparently were all ill with various combinations of barfing and diarrhea just a few hours after returning home. My mom called to warn me and indeed, last night Husband and I both woke at 1:30 and our own barfing commenced. Bean woke at about the same time wanting to be nursed, and may I say there may be no more horrible combination of tasks than holding back barf and nursing a baby? Truly miserable.

So I vomitted 3 times and had 4, um, intestinal incidents between the hours of 1:30 a.m. and 3:00 a.m., with Baby Bean crying intermittently most of this time, I might add. But things sort of settled down with me after that. Husband, however, continued to barf all.night.long and so neither of us got any sleep at all. It was so bad for him that apparently he even passed out with his head on the rim of the toilet at one point.

So I guess that it was some sort of bug that caused Sister to hurl so spectacularly after her Christmas party last week, rather than way too much junk as I had assumed. I found out today that my friend's daughter was also sick that night, so now I feel horribly embarrassed, wondering if ALL those little girl guests were that sick, too. I'm too embarrassed to call their parents to inquire, actually. Though I suppose that since it's a week later I'm a little behind the game anyway.

Sigh. Well, according to my mother, this is a 24-hour bug so hopefully Husband will be better soon and will regain some of the color in his currently gray cheeks. I'm feeling better myself, though I'm still trying to avoid looking into the refrigerator. The mere sight of Christmas left-overs makes me queasy all over again. And if I flashback to the Indian food we ate last night before all this began...urrlgh! The one good thing about being this sick, though, is that your day is very focused. We're sick so we're staying home. No running out to Target to exchange Sister's new shirt for a larger size. No grocery shopping. And no stress about it either. Our job today is just to lay around, drink mild fluids, and try to keep the baby germ-free and entertained. Probably what we need after all the holiday excitement anyway.


Erin said...

I hope you guys feel better! Good news is with your antibodies, Bean hopefully won't get sick! Feel better!

Nancy said...

Ugh and yuck! I hope you all are feeling better very soon.

cubmommy said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick. I hope you guys are feeling better. I hate throwing up it is the worse.

Lisa V said...

Feel better! Isn't it lovely to be a caretaker while you are ill yourself ?

Mommygoth said...

Oh, how well I remember this bug from when we all had it this spring! I'm so sorry, but it's probably why Bean was feeling so bad, so maybe that sad older-than-her-years face was really just diarrhea?