Thursday, December 01, 2005

Facts about Poland

So this is what Sister discovered about Poland last night, as seen in her notebook this morning:

  1. There is a huge mountain in Poland!
  2. Christmas there is a huge feast. The holiday spirit lasts untel Febuary!!!!!!
  3. Polish pepole are called poles. (This, by the way, is hilarious if you're 7.)
  4. Polish love fun.
  5. They have decorations of wheat and straw for Christmas.
  6. Capital Warsaw.
  7. Languege Polish
  8. Food pierogies!
Now, someone please tell me how you make a diorama out of that!


my oh pie maker said...

a huge mountain of perogies on wheat and straw?
good luck!

The Daring One said...

Paper-mache mountain, christmas decorations and frozen perrogies dressed as "Poles?"

Mommygoth said...

A big mountain with a picture of her momma on the top?

Piece of Work said...

What a hilarious list! Will you post photos of the diaroma?

Sugarmama said...

Sister is nothing if not funny, even when she's not trying to be. Once we make the diorama I'll try to post photos. I'm also supposed to make some sort of Polish dish for the class feast right before Christmas break. Perhaps photos of that, too...