Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer spruce up, plus bloggers visiting me!

I ought not to mind getting older. I tell myself this often, chastising myself that it's shallow to care. 'Cause I mean, I could be dead, right? Nevertheless, I find that I do care that every.freaking.year. the annual getting-ready-for-summer beauty routine gets harder. Or rather, it has less of an effect. And out of frustration about my mousey self, I end up doing idiotic things like dyeing my hair lurid purpley-red, as if I don't remember that a red that bright just doesn't go so well with the jeans and spit-up encrusted t-shirts I might manage to pull on late in the morning. With my old, cute, black crepe flapper dresses, yes, but with mommy gear...uh, no. Sigh.

Nevertheless, I doggedly kept a bikini wax appointment today, more to avoid scaring the passel of children who will be attending this year's family beach trip than in the hopes that anyone might look twice at me in a bikini. I mean, tankini. I mean, skirted tankini. (Do they still make flapper bathing suits? I would so wear one at this point!) I bought some bronzer and some mineral make-up stuff that I actually think does make my complexion look better in some subtle way. And I painted my toe nails pink.

That about does it for my summer sprucing up this year. That's all I have time for, and that's all I have the heart to try.

On a brighter note, I'm pretty damn excited that tomorrow night I have two bloggers coming over to my house to hang out--woo-hoo! I met Beth from Blind as a Bat last year when she was in Raleigh visiting her daughter, and she was just as friendly and funny in real life as she is on her blog. Joan from Southern Suburbia I've never met, despite the fact that she lives only about an hour away from me. Small confession here: I kinda had her in mind when I painted my toenails tonight, having gotten an inkling how she is about her own toes.

I'm only slightly embarrassed to say that I'm serving them take-out pizza for dinner, feeling like a big salad, homemade brownies, and Kat's Bourbon Slush (scroll down to the end of the post) ought to make them feel welcome and feted, regardless. I'll let y'all know how it goes, okay?


Beth said...

I CANNOT wait!!!! Rae said I could drive. myself. is she nuts??!! ;) I wanna frozen drink, and then I'd never make it back to raleigh!!!!!!

Pizza and brownies? I am SOOOOOOO there!!!!!

Joan said...

Damn, I wish now I had gotten a pedicure instead of painting my own toes. Can't wait!

Mama D said...

I am so jealous. Why do I have to live so far away from all my bloggy friends? Visiting would involve far too much money spent...

If you are ever in Canada - you must come see me!

(I bet the hair looks great!)

Bina said...

Good Lord woman! You have seen Beth more than I have in the past 10 years and I have known her for like EVER!!!!!! I'm so jealous! But I would REALLY like to come there, too. I hope you guys have a ball!

Suburban Gorgon said...

Hey, that's more sprucing up than I'm gonna manage, methinks!

Beth said...

I forgot rae's flowers!!! :(

i had a great GREAT time tonight. you are a wonderful hostess and I hope i can repay the favor one day!!! maybe when I move down here, huh?

have a fantastic time next week....and the bourbon slushies were tasty!! too bad I was driving. ;)