Thursday, June 26, 2008

7 of 11

7 of 11, originally uploaded by Secretsugar.

It's so hard to get a group kid photo when there are 11 kids to corral and one of them REFUSES to leave my arms for any reason. This is as close as I've gotten this year--7 of the assorted cousins, including 2 kids of my own, snapped while they're eating and quiet for a change. They're chatting to themselves, but it's not the utter mayhem that has otherwise been their mode this year.

I've hardly seen Sister at all this week because she's suddenly old enough to not make a nuisance of herself among her teenage cousins. She's hanging out with them and they're not annoyed by her presence. She's also old enough to be responsible, not get lost on beach walks, stay hydrated, not drown, etc. I'm sorry to say that what interaction I've had with her has been mighty sassy on her part. Trying to save face in front of these same teenage cousins, I guess.

Bean has needed, as usual, a lot of entertainment and Sweet P has needed me. A lot. Like, nursing half the night and miserable whenever I put her down during the day. I am exhausted. On vacation!

This is one beach trip I won't be sorry to see over, however much cat barf there is to clean up or laundry to do at home when we return.


Mama D said...

Isn't it silly how tiring 'vacations' can be when we have little kids. It's just so much more relaxing to be home in your own element. Easier. I hope you are home and rested up again soon!

Suburban Gorgon said...

Oh, bummer, SugarMama. Seems to me Bean went through a stage just like that at around the same age. I didn't know you were back today or I would have called you!

Joan said...

It's a shame on vacation you have all those extra people to hold Sweet P and she decides to have separation issues.
As far as Sister - her attitude was a glimpse of things to come. My "C" is a pretty sweet girl but she can be sassy.
Bean, I bet she was a bundle of energy.
Hope you get some rest.