Monday, June 02, 2008


Oy vey! I hope the rest of you out there aren't feeling as stressed and overwhelmed as I am lately! I feel like I just don't get a break anymore since our babysitter has left town for the summer and my mom has my little brothers to keep her from acting as regular grandma. Know what stupid thing happened today? Bean was in the bathroom washing her hands after lunch when all of a sudden she let out a loud wail. My nerves were already pretty jangly after a morning full of wails from both little girls. I come rushing in to see what's happened now and she's in tears because she's tipped over her potty which was apparently full to the brim with pee. Pee is now all over the bathroom rug and floor and Bean is still wailing. I put the baby down in her swing so I can clean the lake of pee and she starts screaming.

It was just the last straw for me, I guess, because then I burst into tears.

I'm over myself now, but jeez! Do I really need to wait til the babysitter is back in town to feel like I'll get a break?


Bina said...

OH NO! I would have been wailing, too! You poor thing. Surely to goodness there is SOMEONE else you can get to watch the kids for an hour to go to have a break, isn't there???? If I were there, I would do it!

Tammy said...

We had the great pee spill this afternoon too. Of course, G was already screaming so he didn't really seem to notice that he appeared to have taken a bath in the stuff.

I have a line on a babysitter in your area-- mine is off to India for the summer. I will pass on contact info this week.

Lastly, CALL ME. I know how it is and am more than willing to bring my gruesome two over to your place for a couple of hours while you go out to find a coffee or sanity or whatever.

Amber said...

I also would cry. Momhood has it's sucky moments for sure. I vote you take tammy up on her offer. ;)

Mama D said...

I can find two good things in the story.

Bean used the potty! (A is not doing this consistently yet)

And also Bean was upset because she cared about making a mess.

That's cool too.

The everyone crying part is not so good. I'm sorry about that. But I understand. I hope you are able to find someone else to relieve you. Everybody needs a break!

Beth said...

holy crap! pee everywhere! My bathroom used to smell like pee all. the. time. The boys were always spilling the potty! and then they wouldn't tell me for like 3 days! ;)

I am coming down there around the 16th so I will babysit for you and you can have the day to yourself!!! But then you have to spend time with me too! ;)

kat said...

oh my, you need a break!
Have you tried getting rid of the little potty altogether and getting Bean to use a step stool and the big potty? This seems to be working at our house though Charlie of course still has to be persuaded to actually use the potty versus his diaper. . . .
I'm really sorry you're so tapped out. I can only imagine. . . though, in another month or so, I reckon I'll be right there with you!

chris said...

I feel for you. There's a drop off daycare place near us and while I don't think it's ideal, sometimes just for an hour, it's totally worth the price to just run next door to the bookstore and sit.

Hang in there.