Sunday, June 29, 2008

A what?

Just saw one of these out in our garden--a zebra swallowtail. Never seen one before!

But in other, more personally relevant news, we're back from Topsail Island as of yesterday afternoon. Even though it took me vacuuming and sweeping the house, unpacking several suitcases and bags of leftover groceries, the immediate evacuation of a small colony of hatched and starving butterflies to the outdoors, SEVEN LOADS OF LAUNDRY, and a marathon session of plant watering to get the house back to normal, I am officially back to normal. Insert contented sigh here. I love coming home.

Overall vacation verdict this year is that it was sorta wasted on me. I swam in the ocean a grand total of two times because I was mostly stuck indoors with Sweet P whose tender skin I was afraid to scorch. Husband and I still had to get out the weekly fabric shipment and do some Spoonflower work from the beach. And we helped fix meals for way more kids than usual. But at least Sister and Bean had a blast. As Bean recounted with premature nostalgia when told that we were leaving the next day, "Mom, I played for days and days at the beach." She sure did!


Beth said...

that's the only thing I hatge about vacations...coming home! ;) and the unpacking...and the laundry. The porr butterflies!!! I'm happy to know that they hatched and are eating!

Poor Sugar sunshine for you with your little White baby! Her skin would have shriveled right up in that sun!

I'm glad your home safe and sound and that the girls had a fantastic time. Makes it all worth it!

and that "thing" you found in your garden! WOW!!!! Your garden is something I want in my next life...

Bina said...

Oh, what Bean said is SO cute!

Don't like stepping on toes or telling anyhow what to do with their kdis, but here is my advice, (which I rarely give to ANYONE!)

When I lived in Hawaii, I had both my boys there. We ALWAYS went to the beach, and even when the girls were little we would go to the beach. I would take a potable crib, and just over it with a white sheet, and the kids got no sun. Of course, this will only work if someone is willing to sit there to watch the baby. But I don't recall ever having one of my kids get burnt.

But Grubs??? YUK!!! I think they all hatched here last weekend cause it was attack of the Japanese Beetles Saturday morning. Those suckers wouldn't leave me alone.

Mama D said...

That is a crazy moth/butterfly!

Glad to hear that you are home and feeling contented. In just a few more years you will enjoy it again and get to spend more time in the sun and in the ocean!

I'm sure it's nice knowing at least Sister and Bean had a great time! said...

Oooh, and it's on a passion flower! I had one of those (the vine, not the gorgeous butterfly) come up in my yard one year, and that's IT! I want it to come back!