Monday, June 09, 2008

My baby can sit!

DSC00865, originally uploaded by Secretsugar.

And does she not look like a little angel baby who requires some attention? Yes, she does. Which is partly why I haven't been blogging lately. My two little nappers do tag team napping now, with Sweet P's naps sorta bracketing Bean's single afternoon nap. Neither of them much appreciates mama being on the computer when awake either. Only 6 more months and they might actually nap at the same time, right?


Beth said...

honey, you just keep on believing that and maybe...just'll get through the next 6 months!!!

and she DOES look like a little angel sitting there....such a Big girl now.

Mama D said...

She is adorable. She looks just happy to me.

Bina said...

oh my gosh! What a little cutie!!!!

Yea, it would be nice if they napped at the same time. My boys did when they were little. I gave them NO choice! LOL

Joan said...

Good luck with all that. My son was finished with napping when his sister was born.

Amber said...

She's adorable!! YAY for sitting! FWIW my oldest napped until kindergarten- and probably would have napped a year longer except that she was in afternoon kindergarten.

beth - total mom haircut said...

At least you still have nappers! Sam dropped his around the time that Robby was born. The day just. doesn't. stop.

It's good to catch up over here again:) And that is one cute sitting baby.