Sunday, June 17, 2007

How not to observe Father's Day

So far I've been a very bad wife today with respect to celebrating Husband's fatherhood. And he's such a very good father, too! I was the one who slept in this morning til 8:15, leaving him to get up with the baby. It's true that since she's a bit feverish she's been sleeping poorly and I got up with her a few times last night while he continued to sleep heavily, but still. I intended to give him a break for a change and do the morning routine so he could lie about.

And then later this morning, I thought I'd sneak in a quick hair-dyeing session while he and Bean were out in the backyard. I was excited to be trying out a nice, bright red to go with my sassy new pixie cut. While the color was processing, though, all hell broke loose with Bean. Husband tried to take her out for a walk with the dog and she grew hysterical. I was about to get in the shower to rinse the color so I couldn't take either the dog or her. And once I did get the color rinsed out and got a glimpse of myself in the mirror I was horrified at the near-neon shade of orange-red my hair had become. Suburban Gorgon, expert in all matters involving hair color screw-ups, reminded me on the phone that pregnancy hormones tend to produce extremely wacky results with hair-dye, even when you're using your usual shade. So once Bean goes down for a nap, I'm going back out for some nice ash brown to try to tone things down a bit.

Father's Day has been all about me so far. Maybe a homemade lemon chess pie will redeem the day for poor Husband later. I've gotta do something.


Beth said...

lemon chess pie sounds good...that should do it. I made some banana pudding for mine! No card...I forgot! OOPS!

I wanna see that pixie cut!!

cubmommy said...

Sorry to hear about the hair color bomb. I hate when that happens.

Hope your day got better.

No baby yet. I have a doctor's appointment late this afternoon. Let's pray I have some good news and have dilated to 4.

JMom said...

He sounds like a super dad :) and yeah, chess pie definitely sounds good!!

Joan said...

Is the hair okay now? My all time favorite dessert is my mother's chocolate chess pie.