Thursday, June 07, 2007

Not just fat

My belly is definitely expanding now. In the middle of my 15th week, I am very ready for this to happen. I curretnly have only 3 outfits I can wear without looking like I'm either bursting out of my clothes or swimming in them. One outfit is a non-maternity black babydoll dress with short black leggings. One is a big sack of a vintage dress that I've only ever used as an inside the house dress during the summer because it's that shapeless. And one is a linen smock top and pair of olive green maternity capri pants that for the first time this morning did not feel as if I'd have to spend all day hitching them up.

I outgrew my regular pants and skirts a few weeks ago, but what few maternity clothes I have left from my summer pregnancy with Sister are either extremely dated, extremely ugly, or just gone now. I've got a few dresses left that still look like tents on me and a few maternity tank tops that look unacceptably baggy right now.

All in all, it takes me quite a long time to get dressed in the mornings and it's damn disheartening. I'm looking forward to looking really pregnant in a few weeks rather than just really stupid.


Beth said...

I say, go cute, and wear the tight little tank tops and really show that belly off! I wsish I could have done that when I was pregnant...but all I had were big, huge shirts and elastic pants. YUK! I think pregnancy now is so cute with so many cool things to wear. Maybe you just need to go shopping!!! ;)

Mama D said...

And I'M looking forward to the picture you are going to be posting of this ever expanding belly! please?