Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today I'm trying to...

...prevent many dying garden plants from completely giving up.

...maintain my equilibrium in the face of very interrupted sleep and a very cranky and still somewhat sick Bean.

...find a happy mama place before Sister gets home from school.

...determine where the hell the ants all over my kitchen counter are coming from and what they could possibly be after. There are no crumbs! The cookie jar is empty!

...free-motion quilt the new baby's blanket on my mysteriously uncooperative machine.

...plan the meeting for Sister's Girl Scout troop parents at my house tomorrow night, made difficult by the fact that half of them STILL haven't responded to a couple of emails now. (I wish everyone checked their email as often as I do, dammit.)

...make a delicious dinner of cheese-coated fried pork chops with madeira sauce, mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli.

...feel unconcerned that I still have between 13 and 15 weeks to go of feeling this uncomfortably pregnant. (It will only get worse.)

This mama is trying.


Mama D said...

You are trying a lot harder than I am and I have nowhere near as many things on my plate...

Way to go!

Nikkie said...

The e-mail checking thing annoys me too. People should check often.

You're doing better then I would in this situation!

cubmommy said...

I really feel for you. Being pregnant in the summer sucks. I know having done it twice in the summer. I hope you will be able to survive a few more weeks until fall starts.

Beth said...

mmmmmm....what time should I be there and what kind of wine do you want with dinner? ;) YUM!

Take it easy Sugarmama...are you nesting already? And as hot as it's been down there...I think your plants are a lost cause!

Joan said...

We had ant coming from inside our dishwasher - gross. Dinner sounds good, what time?