Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Real summer

I managed a little bit of outside time yesterday--once to ask the neighbor's gardener what she'd charge to weed all the crabgrass out of our big front bed (an affordable rate! and she can do it this week!)--and a bit of time spent potting up my new plants on the patio, taking lots and lots of breaks from the heat.

It is brutally hot this week in NC. The kind of hot where when you walk out the door, the temperature and the humidity hit you in the face like a wet wall. I waited til 7:30 in the evening to walk the dog around the block, and just that little bit of exertion walking very, very slowly had me dripping with sweat all over. Even my exposed calves were sweating, not to mention the thigh sweat and boob sweat--yuck.

I'm working on some sewing projects with the girls today and staying the hell indoors.


Joan said...

You're right about the heat. Our upstairs a/c went out after we got back from vacation. We've gone as long as we can - it's getting fixed or replaced tomorrow.
Son has h.s. football practice 3 hours in the morning & 4 hours in the evening. I worry about him and nag him about keeping hydrated.

cubmommy said...

I hate the boob sweat! It has been really humid here I hate going outside for anything. We don't have ac in the van.

Mama D said...

It was like that here not long ago. TERRIBLE. We only have window air conditioner in our rooms so we had to go in there to feel better.

Hope you survive the crazy hot weather...