Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's starting again

Sister's return to school as a fourth grader is imminent now. Suddenly the summer is over and there's a lot to do to get ready for the school grind to begin again. I need to take Sister shopping for some new clothes--for jeans specifically which she has always spurned before as too uncomfortable but which now she's dying to wear. Well, that and a suit on her first day of school. I'm afraid I've been letting my dear child watch a bit too much "What Not to Wear" with me lately. A suit, she says!

But it is funny how her tastes are starting to change. She and her friends spent all last year spurning all things "girly-girl," as they phrased it. This included anything pink or Bratz, Barbie, or unicorn-related. This year, suddenly pink is o.k., and even desirable. She chose a pink parka for herself out of a catalog, along with a pastel pink shirt with floral trim and a pink-flowered skirt to match. She wants to grow her hair out long again and also chose a pink backpack this year--though it is in fact hot pink with black polka dot trim and nothing too sweet.

Still, I'm interested to see where this might be heading this year.


Joan said...

My 5th grader has gotten very opinionated about her clothes. She got Target gift cards for her birthday and used them for clothes not toys or art supplies - a first. My 9th grader is finally mixing polo type shirts and khaki shorts in with his t-shirt collection and basketball shorts.

Beth said...

ahhh...4th grade..I remember it well.My teacher was Mrs. Bates and she taught us songs that we would sing every morning. And some of my friends had "boyfriends"...not me tho.

Pink just happens to be my very favorite color. I'm such a girlie girl.

Happy First Day Of School Sister!!!

Mama D said...

4th Grade. Wow.

Clothes just happen to be one things that really stick out in my mind from when I was young. And the fact that I hated a lot of what my mom made me wear. I will tread lightly in that department with A. For now she is content with me dressing her in greens, browns and reds. But I confess to hope that some of my own preferences stick.

That backpack sounds sweet!

cubmommy said...

BC starts Kindergarten on Monday and I am a little scared of losing some of the control. Now he will be learning and hearing things I don't have control over.

Luckily the boys don't care what they wear and I have a few years until Ladybug starts caring what she is wearing.

Anonymous said...

It is fun to watch the phases change. Of course it's also a pain to go shopping with.

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