Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I'm still here and blogging on my cute, new MacBook from the sofa--woo-hoo! Husband felt the need to go out and purchase a swank and tiny little computer to tote around in London while he was gone last week, but justified it as my home laptop to replace my very old, refurbished dinosaur of a laptop. I get the sense that it's way fancier a computer than I need or can really appreciate--mainly I'm just psyched that it has enough battery power to enable me to use it somewhere other than our desk.

I managed to make it through last week and Husband's absence, but just barely. By Thursday I was beginning to lose it from all of Bean's night wakings and Sister's attitude. He got home Friday, so I don't think I had too much time to be an absolute bitch mama. I still don't feel entirely caught up on my sleep, but I think that may be because I'm getting on in my pregnancy. I'm at 25 weeks now, feeling suddenly large, and beginning to slow down a tad.

Since I've now finished the last Harry Potter, I'm going full steam ahead with sewing projects. I need to finish a rug I'm making for a friend, and after that it's baby quilt and flannel blanket-fest. Also, cute, doll quilt wall hangings and new pillow covers for the baby's room-fest. Oh, and new baby bib-fest. Plus some hand-sewn toys.

Ack! So many ideas! But it IS fun to nest, isn't it?


Joan said...

Good for you. All my domestic inclinations from last week seem to have left me. I just started reading the Harry Potter books. I'm on the 2nd one. My daughter is on the 3rd.

karen said...

25 weeks- you're at the fun stage! then we know what stage comes next... :)
did you love the last HP? i really did. one of the best things ever is being alive in the time of harry.
ah, vic chestnutt... is he still around? i saw him so much with live years & years ago, since ed kowalczyk thinks the sun rises & sets on him. hope he got the drinking under control.

Beth said...

oooh, you are gonna be busy! But don't you just love it? The nesting stage was always great for me...a clean house, laundry caught up, projects going at all hours of the day and night..

man, you're prgnancy seems to be flying by....well, to me anyway! ;)

and a new Mac?!?!?! Woo hoo!!!!!

Mama D said...

Glad to hear you survived!

Sewing. I would love to learn to sew. Until I became really good at it though, I doubt I'd find it much fun at all. But good for you and I'm sure everything you create will be lovely!

cubmommy said...

Wow, you sound like you are going to be very busy. My nesting phase was all about cleaning. I was a manic about it. Now, I am lucky to get the dishes done.

I am jealous you got a new laptop. I would love one!