Sunday, September 02, 2007

Laid low

Sister's first week back to school and then transfer of Bean's little 24-hour stomach virus to me yesterday...let's just say it's been a busy week. But nothing that a nap and 10 hours of sleep on top of that couldn't cure, because I am cured, energetic and optimistic all over again. Especially because it got down in the 60's last night here in Chapel Hill. I could open my house windows to some fresh air and now I get to sit here on our back porch with my cup of tea. How I love love love fall temperatures when I'm a big fat pregnant woman!

I managed to finish the new baby's crib quilt this week during Bean's naptimes. It's a bit puckery because I quilted it quite inexpertly on my machine rather than by hand, but still looks damn good if I do say so myself. I'll post pictures if I can figure out how to do it on this new computer which hopefully won't be too hard for this very tech-unsavvy mama. I also made 8 flannel-backed baby bibs from this book, which my friend Pie Eater turned me onto and which is full of many projects I want to make now. (Although I'm kicking myself for not thinking of making bibs before. They were ridiculously easy and I got to indulge myself in some rick-rack trim!) Nesting has been fun during this horrible 100 degree weather, but now the garden is calling me. I've got some serious weeding to do before they all go to seed and make new baby weeds for next year.


Suzanne said...

Hope you are feeling better soon -- being sick and pregnant and hot is an unpleasant combination!

Joan said...

I heard it was nice weather Saturday. We were out of town. Looks like you are getting a lot done.

Beth said...

I wanna see the quilt! Mine get all "puckery" too, but I think it just adds to the "hand-made-en-ness" of it, ya know? I'm not selling the thing for goodness sake! ;)

Don't you just loe Fall? I am IN LOVE with summer and the heat, but by September, I am ready for the leaves to change, a nip in the air, and having to put on a sweatshirt at night....and football games and bon fires.

Mama D said...

Yay for fall. My favorite time of year. The bibs and quilt sound lovely. You need to figure out how to post some pictures. It must be done!

If you can make lovely things I know you can upload pictures.