Friday, September 21, 2007

A club that would have me as a member

On Monday, I'm joining a club that I never expected to join. It's not the PTA or my local quilters' guild or the mothers' club in the area ('cause truthfully I already belong to all those, or would like to in the case of the quilters' guild). This club is way more...I don't know, suburban or something. Frumpy. Boring.

Have you guessed yet? I'm joining the minivan drivers club.

Husband and I have finally owned up to the fact that my little Ford Focus wagon simply can't accommodate 2 car seats and a 9-year old kid without the 9-year old kid complaining very legitimately that she is way too squished. So we'll be taking possession of a 2-year old Toyota Sienna on Monday and selling my car.

I'm eating anything bitchy I ever said about mommy-mobiles now, and trying to at least take comfort in the fact that this new Japanese engineered behemoth has the exact same gas mileage as my much smaller but very American-made wagon.


cubmommy said...

Welcome to the club! We fought it but we needed the room. Now my husband jokes we need a bus for the 5 of us and our stuff.

kat said...

THAT is hilarious. Doug has been working on my minivan resistance for some time now; of course, it's much easier to resist when you only have one monkey to tote around as I do. Congratulations! Unfortunately, I think you're going to totally be happy with your decision. . . you know, unfortunate for us folks who are still trying to maintain reasons for not buying one. . . looking forward to seeing you soon!

Beth said...

aww...a mini-van isn't SO bad.....Ours is broken.. :(. I loved dreiving that thing! rae even drove it to school when she was a senior. YES!


Mama D said...

If I had to have a minivan THAT is the one I would choose. Toyotas are the best. My boss owns one and I've ridden in it many times for long trips. It actually feels much like a large car as a passenger. Driving it probably still feels the same as driving a freakin' big van.

Joan said...

When I was pregnant w/my first, we test drove a minivan and I couldn't bring myself to get one. We finally did buy one when my 2nd was about 2 in 2000. I admit I feel stereotyped when driving it and would love to drive something else during school hours when it's just me. I've blogged about that but it's the best vehicle when we camp and tailgate. We take the backseat out. My 6'1" son is comfortable in the middle row in the captain chairs. My plan is to keep it another 2 years until he's driving.

Lauren said...

Congratulations and welcome to the club! I love my minivan. It's unhealthy, I'm sure, to feel this way. Those automatic sliding doors. Mmmm.