Thursday, September 13, 2007


Husband has taken to calling our unborn little girl, "She Who Must Not Be Named," in Harry Potter style for those of you who live under a rock. We talk a fair amount about names for our new little one, but are having a couple of problems making a decision. One is that we haven't yet come up with any that we both totally love. Or if Husband does love a name he sure hasn't said so, being the kind of man who likes to keep his options open til the last possible second .

Also, nearly ALL my very favorite names that have just the right feeling of retro old-fashionedness plus ease of spelling without being too plain I have heard on other young children within the last 3 weeks. For this reason, Sadie, Ruby, and Ellery are all out for me. Ditto Nell, Nina, Eliza, Maisie, and Phoebe. I just don't want a name that could be on the verge of being used by our whole small town, and knowing there's even one little girl nearby using it makes me worry that it's on the upswing, no matter what the baby name books or Social Security Administration website say. I know this is silly to obsess over, but we all have our must-have criteria, right?

Anyways, at almost 30 weeks I'm down to hoping that we'll at least have one picked out in time to put it on the birth certificate while we're still at the birth center. Any suggestions out there, y'all?


Brony said...

You'll be amazed at how suddenly a name will just work for you. It is hard. I mean a name sticks with you forever.

We had a hard time agreeing on name too. Some we had for a girl, which with two boys couldn't use were, Paige, Skyler-Lynn, Dionne,and Deserea.

Joan said...

We didn't want to know the sex of the babies. We had both boy and girl names picked out for the first one and stuck with our male name choice. The second time around I felt sure I was having a boy. We weren't sure about a girl's name. After she was born, we looked at her and came up with the name Catherine. The labor nurse was the one who actually suggested we spell it with a "C".

Beth said...

I really like's kind of old fashioned and you don't really hear it too much. I also love Cloe for some reason...and Olivia or Ava...or Angelina!! HA!

I know you'll come up wtih the Prefect name.

cubmommy said...

We had a hard time picking out our middle name for our daughter. I had no problem with the first name I had it on the list when I had my second but he was a boy.

Sorry I am no help. Girls names are hard.

Tammy said...

Irene? It was the name of a wonderful older lady in the small town where I grew up. She had a younger sister named Ruby. :)

Her neighbor and my favorite lady was Miss Bessie-- I think it was short for Elisabeth.

I also love Helen and Adele. Good luck!