Friday, September 28, 2007


Today's favorite minivan feature: a cassette player! Even the boom box and stereo in our house don't have cassette players anymore, so I'm digging through all our old tapes to listen to again in the car. There are some practically priceless mix tapes I haven't listened to in years, one of them from my high school boyfriend almost 20 years ago. It's okay--Husband has way more mix tapes from exes than I do, all of them with sweet, lovey messages inscribed inside. Ha! I also found Bettie Serveert, the Breeders, and Mazzy Star. (Steering clear of Suzanne Vega and Kate Bush, though.)

Can't wait til my next errand!


Beth said...

wow...I've never heard of those people before...but CASSETTE TAPES!!!! Wow!!!!

Joan said...

I have a cassette tape a guy gave me - it's The Grateful Dead concert I attended at Carter Finley stadium in Raleigh circa 1989. The band encouraged fans to tape the concerts. They were called "tape heads" and sat in a special section.
I also loved The Pretty in Pink soundtrack. I listened to it over and over my senior year in college. I finally bought it in c.d. form.

Mama D said...

Mix tapes are the best!! I miss our cassette player. We don't have one in our car! :(

Suburban Gorgon said...

Oh god. Some of my old mix tapes. I can't imagine. Remember what a status symbol of looooooovee they use to be?

Beth said...

I love you Sugar mama!!!! Thank you for my beautiful gift!!

I can't wait until we get together!!!