Tuesday, August 08, 2006

While I was away

Domestic Pet Peeve of the Day: Husband's coffee sludge from yesterday's coffee dumped into the sink and all over a dish cloth with no rinsing.

Just by way of catching everyone (who's interested) up on my life while I've been away from the blogosphere these past few weeks, here are some highlights:
  • I turned 35 and Sister turned 8. Both of us are feeling a little iffy about the whole growing up thing.
  • As I've already mentioned, we are officially moved into our new house one street over from our old house. This was easier in terms of my emotional state than I expected. Only once did I almost cry about leaving my garden, and that's as bad as it got. As my friends know, I'm a bridge-burning kind of girl. I don't look back.
  • However, this doesn't mean I don't feel my fair share of freak-out about this move. Mostly, I'm still feeling unsure that I belong in this house. It's a big damn house! It has 2 stories which I find intimidating. I never imagined myself living in a big house before and, let's face it, being surrounded by the trappings of a prosperous life. I mean, we're by no means filthy rich. This house is 40 years old and no McMansion, I assure you. But I've been so used to a financial struggle all my life, whether it was my single mom being unable to pay the power bill from time to time or being on my own in college and subsisting on egg salad, Saltines, and baked potatoes for weeks on end. I feel nervous not worrying about groceries or utility bills. I feel really, really guilty actually.
  • Husband and I had a couple of tense weeks leading up to our move which seem to have died down now. We actually had a big fight the very first night we spent at the beach with my family, all about how much of a bitchy tone I have in general, like, throughout every day. This was sucky news from my very beloved spouse, but not too surprising. I've always considered myself somewhat of a bitch, to the point where I don't even flinch when someone slings that particular barb my way. But I'll never win if my comparison is Husband's saintly and soft-spoken mother. What's a sometimes bitchy and lately-stressed mama to do? Especially one who grew up with a similarly bitchy and stressed mama as an example?
  • On a lighter note, I spent some time poring over my new homeowner's insurance policy recently. It was hysterical! Have y'all ever read the fine print of yours? For example, the policy does not include coverage of events related to "nuclear hazard," but WILL reimburse for damages sustained during volcanic eruptions. Phew! Thank God for that! (Fine print: "One or more volcanic eruptions sustained during a 72-hour period will be considered as one volcanic eruption." Subtext: don't try anything sneaky, you litigious Southern bastards! We'll bust out the Richter scale on your asses. Or Geiger counter. Or whatever the hell.) I was literally laughing out loud, though that might've been the gin.
  • Finding both a plastic grocery bag of nasty deer bones and a baggie containing a large shed snake skin stashed in Sister's closet. The girl is into natural science, but give a mother a break, will you, child?
That's all for now. Dry laundry and a hot doggie left outside are calling.


"Grandi" said...

I can totally identify with the sludge!! Additionally - hubby, bless him, wiping up the spill that happened when he poured that cup of coffee with the brand new white dish towel with the little red stripes instead of the handy wet sponge or the even handier paper towel!! HA!!

Congrats on being in your new home! I hope you will really feel homey there in a short time. Maybe starting the new garden will add to your contentment there.

Little houses are cozy - but I love having space to breathe! Furniture and decorations all look so different when they are spread out! And climbing those stairs will be great for your legs!

Welcome back!

Valarie said...

natural science or taxidermy?

Nikkie said...

Okay, that just cracked me up. No nuclear hazards but volcanic eruptions are covered? Thats insane. I'm totally going to have to go read mine now!

I'd have died over finding a back of deer bones and snake skin. That is some gross stuff!

pie maker said...

welcome back mama. don't be too hard on yourself with regards to bitchiness. i mean, as if moving and turning 35 weren't enough, let us not forget that this summer has been damned hot. . . can't wait to see the new digs!

Stacie said...

welcome back, I missed your posts! Ah gin! I wish I could come over and share my deep and profound love on the subject wit ya!!! And see the new pad! I too live in a house that seems waaaayyy too big. it's the biggest house I have ever lived in. We hardly ever go upstairs, but the kiddos will live up here soon enough! It's old too and no, we ain't rich! lol! The corn was struck down by a windy storm, boo hoo! 3 out of 4 years, blown over, I'm done with it! Glad yer back! DRINK GIN!

Belle said...

Haha, gotta be careful with those NC volcanoes!

I am a bridge burner, too. I don't really like it sometimes, but it just works out that way.

Glad to hear that you've gotten moved and settled in :)

Mama D said...

Did I mention I'm SO glad you are back?