Thursday, August 31, 2006

The day only half over...

I just called Husband for an update. He was not fired this morning, and neither was anyone else. But he's considering quitting this afternoon when he meets with the new boss one-on-one. Depends on the boss' attitude, I think. Or on what kind of mood Husband is in when the boss asks if Husband will be able to work with him and for him. I'm not quite sure what to hope for now. Maybe something along these lines:
He'll quit this afternoon, but it won't be this big, inflammed scene that will leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth and inspire nasty comments about his work there when other potential employers call for a reference in the future. He'll figure out in the next month exactly what sort of business he'd like to start for himself, he'll find a few others he gets along with brilliantly who think it's a fabulous idea, they'll all decide to work together and feel inspired to go to work every single day, and they'll all make tons of money doing it.
Yeah. Something like that would be nice.

In other news, the recycling contained a stack of newspapers, a crushed gallon container of organic low-fat milk, one empty fifth of Scotch, and one empty gallon of gin this morning. And me with my car in the shop today, unable to run to the liquor store. Meh. Even worse is that the mechanic estimated the repairs at somewhere between $470 and $600. But he'd call me if it was going to be more than $600. Wonder if he'd run to the liquor store for me for an extra $50.

Clearly, this day is a loss. Think I'll go watch some recorded episodes of "The Colbert Report" and work on Sister's quilt now. Nudge me when it's 2:15 and I need to wake the baby and get Sister from school.


Dawn said...

As I pondered the three bottles of wine in this weeks recycling, I thought "Hmmmm. We like wine".

And I think that this is a service that schools could use as a fundraiser. Gather the liqour orders in the AM and have the moms pick up in the PM.

I'd buy into that program!

Any word?

Nancy said...

Ooh, I am hoping that everything turns out OK for your husband. Maybe the new guy was just really nervous and waiting for the one on one time to bond with people?

Thinking of you all. Good vibes coming your way.

Mama D said...

We have had some stress in the job department these days also. I will be waiting to hear how everything turns out!