Thursday, August 31, 2006

Potential bad news this morning

Husband left the house at 6:45 a.m. this morning. He was going to un-decorate his cube at work, probably save things to disk from his work computer, sort through files and papers and all the stuff on his desk. Husband thinks it's very likely that he and his entire department are all going to be fired this morning by their new boss. This because the new boss flew in from Canada yesterday for his first day of work and refused to make eye contact with Husband or any of his employees. Refused to meet them or talk to them at all, in fact. And at the end of the day, another manager came into their work area and said that they all needed to be at work at 9:00 a.m. this morning to meet with him. Things don't look good.

I'm trying not to be too stressed about it. Husband has been talking about making a change for well over a year now. He doesn't like this new guy and the direction the company is going. He'd like to work for himself, he thinks, and not have to deal with sucky office politics. Financially, we'll be o.k. for awhile, so if it had to happen I'm glad it's now and not last year some time. (If it had happened then, the situation would quickly have become desperate with me newly out of work.) But still. Husband's worked there for the last four years and I'm pissed off for him that some new guy, younger than him and so very new to the company, could just walk in and fire him.

I'm waiting to hear from Husband now. He should be getting out of his meeting soon and will call me to give me the news.


cubmommy said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers this morning.

Valarie said...

good luck! We've been going through something similar where my husband got a bit of a push to make the jump to working for himself. So far, I'm mostly loving it. The timing hasn't been great because everything else has sucked this month, too, but like you, it would have been worse if it happened any other time.

beth said...

That's awful that they would do it that way. Maybe this is what he needed to get himself going in the direction he wants. Still though, seems disrespectful they way the new guy went about it. I hope it works out for the best.

Dawn said...

Coming in late, but sometimes these things are gifts in disguise?

When companies treat people like that, they don't deserve loyalty.