Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Domestic Pet Peeve of the Day: Sticky little sesame seeds left positively everywhere in what was apparently a kitchen explosion that occurred while I took Sister to ceramics camp this morning. I thought a sink full of coffee dregs was bad yesterday? Ha! Clearly, I am the only with the ability anymore to even see kitchen messes, much less tidy them up.

And that was just part of a crappily started morning. Sister is being so horrible lately. I don't know what the hell is wrong with this 8-year old child of mine. I am seriously contemplating calling up her dad and asking him to take her from me early this weekend rather than deal with her crappy attitude til Sunday night. From the time that she descended the stairs in a fancy skirt and blouse this morning, bound for clay class and staring at me challengingly, daring me to send her back to change, til the time that I picked her up this afternoon and witnessed her slam the door practically on her baby sister's nose (causing much screaming) and then refuse to look me in the eye while I very calmly asked her to correct her various ill behaviours, she's been an absolute pill. To quote a friend talking about her own pre-teen daughter at a party several years ago, "I just don't like her very much right now." I really don't. And isn't this stuff supposed to happen when they're, like, 12 or something? Not 8?

What are you supposed to do in this case anyway? I mean, she's my kid so I can't REALLY send her off anywhere. If she rolls out of bed doing petty, rude shit from minute one, what the hell do I do? Ignore it? Give her time outs, which I really think she's outgrown? Deny her privileges? Is it time to start GROUNDING her? And how am I supposed to ground her when she has no social life to speak of, goes to her dad's house almost every weekend, and doesn't even watch that much t.v. that I could take away from her?

I am at a loss here. I'm just grateful to have the nice daughter of a good friend here for the next few afternoons to keep Sister out of my hair. The other girl is safe. Sister saves her snakiness for mama.


Mommygoth said...

Oh, sweetie. Have you tried completely ignoring her? I bet that would annoy the crap out of Sister, and might get her to back down a little. But then, what do I know - I'm giving you the advice I use on my 2 year old!

Nikkie said...

I don't have any advice to offer. I'd annoy the hell out of me too!

Belle said...

My kids and I still go through periods where we don't like each other very much. It's exhausting to deal with. I'd say at this point, restricting privileges is the way to go. Works in my household! But it's exhausting sticking to that, too.

I am so sorry you are going through this! But I think all parents do from time to time.

Mama D said...

Ah crap... I feel compelled to make suggestions but really, what the hell do I know? But here goes...(keeping in mind that you may have already tried EVERYTHING and I'm being redundant.)

Could you take her out for lunch or supper or something, just the two of you, and discuss the way she has been acting? My fantasy theory is that she'll love having special mom & her time and feel comfortable to tell you what her problem is. But then the flaw in my plan is that even if this did work would she change her behavior and if she did, how long would it last?

Denying privileges sounds like a good idea too. There must be something that she really enjoys that you could take away?

Am I totally annoying yet. Sorry.