Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sister the Brave

On our walk to school this morning, Sister and I found a freshly dead squirrel in the road. Here was the ensuing conversation:

Sister: Ewww, Mom! His eyes are gone and there's just blood there!
Me: Yeah, I think the eyes are usually the first thing to get eaten when an animal dies. The birds come and peck them out.
Sister: Gross! Eating eyes! If I were an animal I would NOT eat eyes.
Me: No?
Sister: No! If I were an animal and I found that dead squirrel, I would pick it up and then go put on my human disguise. Then I would go to the store and buy a grill and some charcoal and I would grill it and invite all my wolf friends over to eat it with me.
Me: You'd have a squirrel cook-out?
Sister: Yeah.
Me: You know, back in the old days people used to eat squirrels just as part of their regular diet. Like squirrel pot pie and squirrel stew and stuff.
Sister: Oh. Hey, Mom! I have a great idea!
Me: Oh yeah? (warily)
Sister: Yeah, for one of our camp weeks this summer we can have science camp. (She's talking about our home "camps" we do with one of her friends.) If we have science camp, we can get some gloves. This part might be a little disgusting, Mom. We can get gloves and then...and then we can...then we can...disinfect that squirrel!
Me: Do you mean 'dissect?'
Sister: Yeah, we can dissect that squirrel! Just cut it in half and dissect it!
Me: Hmmmm. (noncommittally)

God love my fearless, unperturbable daughter. I will miss these conversations very much when she outgrows them.


Stacie said...

That's awesome! I love the squrrel cook out, great idea! Throw in some of your aformentioned hush puppies, and you got some good eats!

mothergoosemouse said...

I think it's fantastic that you remembered the conversation and typed it up. And your little girl is a riot. I'd come to her cookout.

Mama D said...

As a kid I would have wanted to bring it home and try to revive it. Or bury it in the backyard or something... I was always bringing home sick animals. I never brought any dead ones home, I don't think.

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

That's a cute conversation. I, myself, had a hard time disinfecting a grasshopper in high school, let alone a squirrel! Just curious, how old is Sister? She sounds adorable.

Sugarmama said...

Diana, Sister will be 8 in 2 short months. And I myself had a hard time with disecting in school, too, though perhaps that's because they had us doing it early--in 7th grade, as I recall!

Mommygoth said...

Ewwwww. I'd be keeping a close eye on her - I wouldn't put it past her to try it.