Friday, May 26, 2006

Bonus Sister conversation

Sister: Mom, what would you do if you had unending money?
Me: Hmmmm....I'd probably try to feed everyone who was hungry.
Sister: Yeah. (pause) You know what I would do?
Me: What?
Sister: I'd give a million billion trillion jillion scrillion dollars to the poor. And then I'd make sure I had some things for college and good shoes and things like that that I need.
Me: (beaming with pride at her priorities) I think that's great, honey.
Sister: (long pause) And then I might go to the store and see if there was something nice.
Me: Mmm.
Sister: (another long pause) And I'd probably buy a limo.
Me: (startled out of a warm motherly reverie)
Sister: And a pool. And a nice house out in the middle of the forest. But also a mansion. And of course I'd get about a million pets!

The list went on for the rest of our dog-walk. But at least her first instinct is to be helpful, huh? Funny girl.


Dawn said...

I like that shoes were one of the top priorities after feeding the world.

Nancy said...

Yeah, I am pretty impressed at the order in which she listed stuff. She could have very well started with the materialistic and worked her way back. You know her intentions are good!

Mommygoth said...

God, I love that kid.