Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sweet Bean

For all her temper tantrums and general contrariness, Bean really is a sweet child. A conversation between us not 10 minutes ago:

Bean: Uh-oh! I got scratches on the table!
Me: Oh, honey! (taking away the safety scissors I was letting her cut up paper with) Sweetie, we never, NEVER make scratches on the furniture! I'm so disappointed that you did that!
Bean: (hanging her head while I lecture her) I know something that will make you feel better.
Me: (dubiously) What?
Bean: A hug and kiss.
Me: (totally melting) You're right. That would make me feel much better.
Bean: (hugging and kissing me) There. I'm sorry. It was a accident. It's okay, honey. It's okay.

And I did feel much better. How could I not? Sometimes the things that come out of her mouth are awfully nice to hear.

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Suburban Gorgon said...

OMG, that is hilarious.