Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My addiction

I sometimes tell Husband how lucky he is to have such a low maintenance wife. Getting a pedicure is a twice a year treat. If I'm lucky. I color my own hair rather than paying for the salon to do it. I seldom go shopping for clothes or shoes or jewelry or any sort of personal adornment you can think of. Which is not to say that I'm completely divorced from the realm of self-indulgence. I have exactly two categories of things that I routinely spend money on but don't really need. The first is plants, but I can justify them as an expense we'll recoup in the sale price of this house, should we ever choose to sell it.

The second is fabric. Like this. And this. And ooh, thiiiiiis.

Sometimes I have a specific project in mind when I pick up a yard or two. But sometimes it's just because I've just laid eyes on something so beautiful I can't possibly walk away from it.

Husband is beginning to catch on to me, I think. Which could be why he's tossing around the idea of starting a fabric-related business in the near future. Want a hint as to what it might be? Take this little survey and find out! Our joint bank account may thank you one of these days.


devilish southern belle said...

I took the survey! The only thing stopping me from doing more fabric stuff is the fact that I have forgotten how to thread the bobbin on my sewing machine!

Don't be insulted when you see my response about the prices...just keep in mind that I am A) cheap, and B) not at all clear on what things like that usually, or should, cost.

Best of luck with that business. DO IT!

Beth said...

I took the survey too!

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue and white one....mmmmmmmm....oh what I could make with that.

I tend to "collect" fabric. I have loads...I'm trying to use it in different things tho. I sorted it all, felt it all, oohed and awed over all of it....I love going to fabric stores and looking at everything.