Thursday, February 28, 2008

My three daughters

It's almost a cliche among parents out there that children are born their own selves from day one. Sure, nurture has something to do with them ending up a responsible adult who is kind to animals and other people down the line, but they're pretty much hard-wired as to temperament and interests. This is the prevailing attitude among the mamas I know, anyways.

And with my own girls, it's been noticeable from a very early age that they were very different kids. Sister played independently (and happily) from about the time that she could sit up on her own and grasp things. She's always been a fine motor skills kind of girl and to this day, her preferred mode is off in her own dream world, dreaming up plots involving fairies, goblins, small rocks, and "magic" little detritus found around the house.

And Bean? Well, take a look for yourself!

Wall-crawling, originally uploaded by salutor.

She's not even three yet, y'all!

She's an intensely physical little person, wanting always to be moving--climbing, running, dancing, hopping on one foot. Phew! That child wears me out! Yesterday while sitting together in the piano teacher's living room waiting for Sister to finish her lesson, Bean and I were looking together at some travel magazines lying around. I turned to a page with a photo of some white water rafters. Bean gasped, pointed at them, and asked, "MAMA! Can we do that someday? Can we do that, too?!" I told her we could. Next, there was a page of a hiker on Mt. Everest, crossing a deep ice ravine on a narrow rope. Again, Bean asked me, "MOM! Can we do that someday?!"

Do I need to say that Bean has no interest in playing quietly and independently in her own little world? Maybe when Hell freezes over.

I'm so interested to see how my Sweet P turns out. All I know about her so far is that she's super mellow and super sweet. Maybe I'll get my mama's girl sewing buddy one of these days after all...


Bina said...

How sweet! And did Beth tell you she has a friend that has always been called Beanie, or Bean, or Bina, for shot? Even here in TN, without my ever telling anyone, I started to be called Beanie or Bean. I just can't get away from it. My sister with Down's Syndrome couldn't say my name and it always came out as Beanie. {{{Sigh}}}

I love reading about people's kids!

Amber said...

How cool! My 4 year old is sitting here and says, 'is that her bones?' pointing to her helmet. I explained it was a helmet to keep her safe because she was up high- then she says, she's dangerous. I guess she didn't grasp the 'helmet is to keep her safe' thing. What a brave little girl!

Beth said...

Bean is in good company!! ;) and that is SO Bean!! I remember her climbing all over that slide and stuff at the your hands full with that one. And I love the name Sweet P!!! that fits her!! and yes, she will be mama's sewing buddy...if she won't do it..I will!!

devilish southern belle said...

How amazing! My kids are both so different, too, and have been (noticably) from the start. And different from me as well. I never fail to be amazed at the differences between all of us. So much so that I am usually floored when we all genuinely get excited about the exact same thing at the same time. I guess I probably don't make much sense. But it does look like you may have gotten your mama's sewing buddy in Sweet P!

Great photo of Bean!

kat said...

wow - look at her go! i reckon charlie might like to do that with her sometime. . . .
i have three sisters and we are all completely different. we look related, yes, but the similarities pretty much stop there.