Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A new low

This week started out better than last. I got some sewing projects finished to donate to Sister's school silent auction (photos to come soon!), got some much needed sleep this weekend, got the laundry caught up on after our machine broke and we lacked a new one for half the week, plus got the house put back together after a paint crew was here to repaint our shiny gold living room to a nice, soothing aqua blue. (Wish I'd taken before and after photos...)

This week is comparatively empty, then, and for most of yesterday the house was peaceful and calm. But starting yesterday evening, Bean has entered an even more terrible phase than the usual terrible twos I thought were bad enough before. Yesterday evening, she ripped me a new one for taking her to the "wrong" park.

I'd been talking up the park all afternoon because the day was gorgeously sunny and warm, and she was excited about going after nap. I got her into the van without incident, drove over and everything went to hell. She took one look at the park and went into hysterics. This was NOT the park she had mentally pictured, I guess. Which was confusing as hell to me since it's pretty much the only one we go to. I got her out of the van, managed to make a walk to the community center next door seem like a good idea. We got inside and there weren't any kids there, so more hysterics, this time lying on the floor kicking and screaming with tears running down her face. I managed to get her back outside so as not to annoy the front desk clerk, but I had to drag her by one arm to do it. I could go on here because SHE went on. You know it's bad when other parents are staring at you, wondering what the hell you're doing to your child to make her scream so loud.

This morning, Bean began screaming, "NO! NO! NO!" at me the minute I walked into her room. I'm not exaggerating here--she screams at me! The dog bit her twice and me once, the Girl Scout cookies suck so much the local paper did a story about them and I need to exchange them for new ones in another town, and the chickweed is taking over my perennials and it's freaking February, fer chrissakes.

What the hell is a dispirited mama to do?


Anonymous said...

oh my. what in the world has gotten into that sweet bean? you think she's trying to get out all the "terrible" before she turns three?

sorry about the cookie madness. i noticed a difference in the thin mint i had the other day, but more in appearance than taste. gotta say, i admire your sticktoitiveness when it comes to the girl scouts.

can't wait to see the new paint!

Suburban Gorgon said...

Oh lord. How well I remember it. And you don't, because Sister went through it a lonnnnnnng time ago. It passes. Mostly. With occasional relapses. We had one of those relapses this evening, so I know.

Hang in there, my dear!

Joan said...

Our leaky washer has been moved to the garage and hooked up to the sink out there. How redneck is that? I have to be careful not to hit it with the car. Tricky since my son is driving now.

I think the purse is beautiful. I hope everything else is on the upswing.