Thursday, February 07, 2008

Morning walk

On my morning walk today, I took an unfamiliar route into a section of streets I hadn't been on before. I rounded a corner and was surprised and pleased to see a hen scratching in the grass. In the same yard a few yards away there was a box bee hive.

This is something I love about living in the South. People still have vegetable gardens and raise chickens--right here in the suburbs!--and apparently even keep bees. The agrarian past really isn't that distant a memory even if you now have to drive twenty minutes out to see a real farm.

That makes me happy.


devilish southern belle said...

How awesome! That would make me happy, too!

Amber said...

We had chickens for a year or two when I was a teenager. I loved it. I want a house with a big enough yard to raise chickens (and have fresh eggs).

Joan said...

We live around farmland which I love except I hate roosters. They end up crowing all the time. Sadly, the roosters don't hang around long. Rumor has it the coyotes get them.

Suburban Gorgon said...

Love it. You know, there's actually a magazine called Backyard Poultry or something like that - it caters specifically to people who have chickens in their yards but don't live on farms.

Need to see you when you get free from all your obligations - I have a trunk stuffed to bursting with clothes for Bean!