Monday, February 25, 2008

Another project, done

I've been working on this batik wall hanging for a month or two now to go in our newly painted family room. It came out well, even though once again I made the mistake of thinking our sofa is orange when it is, in fact, a sort of rusty, persimmon pudding-y color. So it doesn't completely match, but it's better than the things I had on the walls in there before. Mostly I made it because I wanted to try using batiks for a change and also wanted to try making something with wonky shapes. I think I might love wonky shaped things. Yes, you do waste a fair amount of fabric in the trimming, but personally I find it much easier to be precise in trimming than in sewing.

It's good to have one of my sewing projects come to a good end. Kinda takes the sting out of Friday's silent auction humiliation. The three items I made and donated got bid on and sold, it's true, but were not exactly wild successes. I had a large green purse sell for $19 with maybe 4 or 5 bids on it. The leaf print bag I posted a picture of sold for $16 with 4 bids, one of which was (ahem) mine when I realized that someone was going to get it for only $10. Is it gauche to bid on your own donations at an auction? I don't care! I LOVED that bag and wanted it back if the world wasn't going to appreciate it! But when the little 5th grade girl I'd just outbid came marching up behind me and bid $16, I just let it go. If she wanted it that badly and all...

The cloth grocery bags I donated as a set went to one of the Girl Scout moms who was maybe (but maybe not!) doing it out of pity. She seemed to genuinely like them and even stood guard over them at the end so that no one else would outbid her. Bless her, I was flattered even if she WAS being a little effusive with her admiration.

All in all, I raised $60 for Sister's school. Meh. I also spent $80 on a cooler full of plastic beach crap made in China that I stupidly bid on and won. At least it's for the school. I guess. Though Husband pointed out that people's priorities are all wrong if we'll pay that much for plastic mass-produced shit and spurn something someone made by hand. Bless him, too.

As I said, a bit humiliating.


kat said...

what the hell is wrong with those people???? granted, it is very sweet that a young girl loved your bag so much that she bid twice. And her $16 is probably equivalent to at least $30 of ours, right? But still. I feel your frustration. Husband is right - there is definitely something wrong here. next time, i think you should set a minimum price if you can. some people really have no idea of the value of something handmade - we gotta teach them, I reckon.

Speaking of which - what a great wall hanging!!! I really like it and am so impressed of all that you're cranking out lately. You'll have to show me how to do wonky shapes - I really like the design!

Joan said...

Your things are beautiful. Maybe it's the timing. I know in recent weeks I've shelled out for G.S. cookies, field trip expenses, not to mention all the stuff breaking around my house.

Beth said...

DAMN!!!! I wanted tyhat bag!! Screw sister's school!!! ;)

I love the wall hanging...but how in the world do you find the time to make that?!! Wonder woman!!!

devilish southern belle said...

You can chalk that one up to people just not having good taste. That's all there is to that!

I love that wall hanging! I wish I had the patience and the know-how to pull neat stuff liek that off!

Manhattan Mama said...

The Rabbit's auction is coming up too. I decided not to make anything (because, well, I don't have time!) But instead spend that much more. Terrified I will walk away with plastic stuff. Hoping instead for some handmade goodies like yours. Have you tried to put some things up on Etsy? I bet some things would go in a snap.

Bina said...

LOVE the wall thing! That is so very cool. Now, make something like that, in maroon, beige, some blues, and I'll pay you big bucks!

And in all reality (a mother's reality) you made $140 for the school, right? I mean, it adds up, doesn't it? So see, you did good!

Angel... said...

I like the wall hanging alott

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