Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Proud mama

While Sister is away with her buddy at Girl Scout camp for the entire week, Husband and I took advantage of her absence to rearrange the furniture in her room. She and Bean are going to be sharing a room in the next month or two once Bean makes the transition to a big girl bed. Yes, Sister goes ballistic if Bean messes up something she's working on or gets into something really special, and yes, I've warned Sister repeatedly that this is likely to increase if she can't kick Bean out of her room anymore, but Sister is adamant that she wants to share her room. So we made the first steps towards freeing up more space last night.

Today, I've put everything back on shelves, made the beds, arranged stuffed animals, and all the smaller tasks that I could do without Husband. I also purged a bit of Sister's stuff, hoping that she'll be so distracted by the new arrangement that she won't notice. And if I ever needed confirmation that come fall I should continue my policy of underscheduling Sister for afterschool activities and lessons, I got it. Actually, I get this every time I purge Sister's room because one of her very favorite afterschool activities is to sit up in her room and write stuff. I found two particularly interesting pieces of paper this time around.

One says only: "She likes adventures. She always sees Fred. Her mother died. She isn't glamorous." I'm dying to know what character she was imagining that day.

The other one is an advertisement for: "Lip sick! Only $100,000 per stick. Now in poop brown, booger green, and in 1 new smell of chunky barf! Poop there it is!"

Yeah, no soccer practice, dance lessons, acting class, and horse-back riding for you, girlie! Well, okay, maybe one or two of those things now and then. But you're genius all on your own!


Mama D said...

Holy Crap that is funny! Let me know how the room sharing thing goes. That is what we will have to do the next time around...

Beth said...

Oh man, sister is funny!!! I want some of the lip sick!!!!

I really like my kids to have time to do nothing....I think it's good for them, don't you?

ps...rae is doing...okay. Lonely, but finding her way around raleigh!