Saturday, July 21, 2007

Home again, home again

We're home from the beach now and I feel deliciously settled. I do love home. I know that makes me dull and unglamorous, but what can I say? I'm a Cancer. In the last 6 hours I've unpacked everything but Husband's suitcase, done 4 loads of laundry, picked 3 bouquets of flowers for the house from our busting-at-the-stems garden, gone grocery shopping, and fixed dinner. Cheerfully.

Now I'm just trying to decide what my welcome home baking project will be. I always have the urge to bake something when I've been gone from home awhile. Maybe lemon raspberry muffins for tomorrow's breakfast.

Quickly, some new stuff that's happened with Bean while we've been gone. She now calls Husband "Daddy" instead of "Papa." This is because my 2 little brothers call their dad (and my step-dad) that. From another older kid relative, she's picked up the less endearing habit of periodically exclaiming, "Oh my Gawd!" I've trained Sister very diligently not to say this because, despite being a non-Christian myself, I do think it's pretty ugly coming out of the mouths of children. Still, when Bean says it I find it difficult not to laugh, even as I try to correct her over to "gosh" instead.

She walks out the front door naked to help me pick flowers, feels the heat on her skin and yells, "Oh my Gawd!"

She sees a big bumblebee on a flower and shouts, "Oh my Gawd!"

Her sandal catches a bit on the stair as she's climbing and it's, "Oh my Gawd!"

I'm just glad my mom isn't around to hear her.


Mama D said...

I love home too.

Bean sounds hilarious.

We seriously have to watch our mouths now. A can say anything she hears. If she chooses to. And who KNOWS when she'll come out with it either.

Beth said...

OMG!!!!! I think she's been hanging around me too much! ;)

your vacaton sounded wonderful...lots of rest and relaxation...just what a growing mama needs.

I think a girls vacation at the beach sounds mighty good, right about now......

Joan said...

Glad you had a good vacation. I wish mine had been a little longer