Sunday, July 15, 2007

On vacation

I'd intended to post something last week before we left town for our big family beach vacation, but I felt like I could barely keep it together as it was. Sister had her birthday on Thursday and I'd said she could have 3 friends over for a sleepover. Even with take-out pizza as the requested birthday dinner, I still had to assemble a giant birthday ice cream cake for dessert, buy and wrap presents, run to the movie store, run to the grocery store, run to Target, and some other errands on top of that that I'm forgetting. Oh, and pack for our beach trip the day after the party, bed linens, another grocery store trip and all. Vacations are almost too much work.

My birthday was yesterday, which was the day we were packing the car and driving to the beach. I'd originally thought that a beach trip starting on my birthday was a fabulous idea, but in practice not so great. I have said many times since Sister was born 2 days before my own birthday that mine isn't important anymore and I'm thrilled if anyone even notices enough to give me a present 'cause I'm that self-sacrificing. But you know what? I'm NOT that self-sacrificing. I wanted some fuss and some presents and to go out to a special dinner and all the rest, and when I didn't get it I was pissed. Next year, I'll not plan to be driving anywhere on my birthday unless it's to a long stint at the day spa.

Bean has orange-stained lips and fingertips right now because I'm pretending not to notice as she raids the enormous bag of crunchy Cheetos. Better stop her and get on with my dinner preparations. It's my night to cook dinner for the 9 adults and 9 kids here. On the menu tonight is 7# of shredded pork barbecue brought from my favorite barbecue place in Chapel Hill, cornbread, cucumber and onion salad, purple coleslaw, corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes, watermelon, and key lime pies for dessert. I do love summertime food.


Beth said...

OMG...I am SO hungry right now!! And


wish I was there to fuss over you...and eat some of that food...and hang on the beach all. day. long.

show off

Mama D said...

I agree. Peter and I almost always fight when we travel anywhere. So silly.

Happy Birthday!! Sorry there was no fuss.

Eat some extra pie!!

DSB said...

Happy late birthday! I don't think I'd plan to drive anywhere on mine in the future, either.