Friday, July 20, 2007

Looking homeward

Today is the last day of our big ol' family beach vacation. There's a thunderstorm outside, and most of the party has been out on a boat for the last couple of hours. The rest are napping or watching cartoons in the boys' lair downstairs. It's peaceful then, or will be for as long as the boaters are still out.

I think I finally settled into vacation mode yesterday when I was able to read on a shady, ocean view porch for a couple of hours straight and then nap afterwards. Today, Husband took Bean out to a playground nearby, so I got in some more reading on the beach while Sister hunted shells and tiny shellfish in the surf. I'm all caught up on sleep since Husband has been letting me sleep in every.single.morning that we've been here, bless him. So I'm all vacationed up at this point and feeling just fine about going home tomorrow, even if the drive will suck again. It'll be good to see my garden and my house and my kitties again, and to sleep in my own bed without 2 kids sleeping in the same room a few feet away from me.

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Mama D said...

Yeah, I hate sleeping in the same room!

I think we may need to trade husbands. ;)