Saturday, July 07, 2007

Inventory of a vacation

5 days spent away from home in Townsend and Knoxville, TN.

3-4 times per night was about how often Bean woke up while we were gone.

An ungodly number of calories consumed over the course of those few days--mostly sweet iced tea, fried chicken livers, devilled eggs, spoon bread, potato salad, red velvet cake, and some kind of outlandishly good brownie cheesecake praline concoction that I couldn't stay away from. (Two servings about made up for the lack of banana pudding at this year's family reunion.)

7 hours spent on the road yesterday driving from TN back to Chapel Hill, NC.

Approximately 50 creatures riding home in the car--Husband, myself, the girls, the dog, and the difference made up in snails Husband brought from the Little River to reside in our backyard pond.

69 Japanese beetles plucked buzzing from the plants they'd infested while I was gone.

2 hours spent watering our parched garden.

4 bags of liquified vegetables culled from the bottom drawer of our fridge.

We're home now.


Suzanne said...

Welcome home! I often have those bags of vegetable, umm, broth in my fridge, often as a result of laziness rather than a vacation.

Here's hoping that the return home means better sleep for Bean!

cubmommy said...

Hey, I got your comment and to let you in on a secret, I had my due date wrong it was actually the 21st not the 20th. So my daughter was on her due date.

My oldest was born two days late and my other son was born on his due date.

It is weird I know. The doctor and nurses were amazed I had two on their due dates.

Labor and delivery got shorter with each of my pregnancies. I pushed for an hour with the 1st, 30min with the 2nd and 15min with the third.

I hope that this time you have an ontime baby!

Joan said...

I'm tired just reading your posts. Our friends (in a different neighborhood) had to spray for Japanese beetles. The food sounded great.

Beth said...

Yay!! you're home! and what a trip! Aren't you glad to be home?

I am mailing a small box to you I hope you get it and the outfits fit a babydoll in your house!!

Mama D said...

Overall sounds like a good time had. Except for the sleeping part. Yuck.