Thursday, August 28, 2008

Work love

I was just puttering around the house before anyone wakes up, half-thinking about what I could do with Bean today. Have I mentioned here that she's gotten to the point where I must have an answer to the question, "What are we going to do now?" If I tell her, "Hon, we're doing it!" or, "I thought we'd just hang out together," she becomes enraged. She's an intense little person who wants to always be moving on to the next thing. I'm a goal-oriented kind of gal myself, but my mother assures me that I was nothing like Bean as a kid.

Anyways. It struck me a minute ago that today I get to go to work! And that the answer to Bean's inevitable question could be, "Miss Valerie is going to come take care of you and Sweet P today."

Respite from the steely-eyed glare of my 3-year old!


Joan said...

Sounds like it will work out for everyone. This summer my daughter was asking me what we were going to do each day. It made me feel both irritated and guilty.

Mama D said...

Have fun at work! I KNOW you will! Enjoy.

Bina said...

I sure hope you enjoy it! I mean, yea, it's work, but hey, you won't have any kids for a little while!

Yea you!