Saturday, August 02, 2008

T.v. free, day one

Sister's at her dad's for the next few days, but the no t.v. thing went pretty well with Bean this morning. She asked probably four times over the course of the morning if she could "watch a little show," but only threw a fit at my no answer the first couple of times. For Bean, that's pretty good.

We spent the early part of the morning on the back porch playing darts and sorting through a tin of shells and rocks on the rug. Then we had breakfast and went to the farmer's market where our favorite pie baker gave Bean a little peach turnover. We purchased three savory tarts for our dinner from her--cherry tomato-ricotta and eggplant-feta--along with plump green beans, tomatoes, a canary melon, a Bean-sized charentais melon, a bag of fresh yeast rolls, and some cockscomb flowers. Bean was bummed that no one had any lemonade for us to drink on this 90-degrees-already morning, but cheered up dramatically when we drove home to her Papa packing up towels and bathing suits for a pool outing.

In short, it was a nice, calm morning with Bean, very different from how our mornings usually feel. One thing I wasn't expecting was that she drinks a lot less juice when she's not zoning out in front of a couple of Curious George episodes. So maybe it's been the sugar that's been the bad behavior culprit all along.

Next up--trying to get through her usual afternoon post-nap meltdown. Bean NEVER handles waking up from her naps peacefully.


Joan said...

I wonder if Bean's change is also due to her sister being away? My children are a lot better by themselves.
I am so jealous of your screen porch. Hopefully I will have one within a few weeks.

Beth said...

me too Joan...meeeee too. I want one of those porches really bad! And the company to go with it! ;)

the farmer's market haul sounds wonderful...and I bet it IS the one-on-one time with mom, with no sister. ;)

Mama D said...

No t.v. Hmmm. Not brave enough for that one yet. Maybe when the baby is a bit older. I have noticed Miss A is much better at playing by herself lately. It is so funny to listen to her and the things she says when she's playing.

That food sounds delicious.

I had an incident with food coloring in fruit candy recently that I am convinced made A loose her mind briefly. I have not given them to her since.

Bina said...

Yea, I bet it WAS the sugar! But my gosh. It would amazing to not have TV. I think I would love it, but not sure I could handle the out cry and hunting parties that would surely be after me! LOL