Monday, May 05, 2008


"Mama, can we use this bowl for our caterpillars?"

"Mom, can I make everyone some lemonade?"

"Mom, there's a giant slug! Want me to get rid of it?"

"Mama, can we pick some flowers for Dad now?"

"Mom, can I use the water from the rain barrel for my bug town?"

"Mom, can I go for a scooter ride by myself?"

"Mom, will you read me some books on the porch?"

Sometimes saying yes is easy. And really, really sweet.


Beth said...


Bina said...

The bug thing is so funny! Ariana got a little jar and put grass in it and said she wanted to catch a bug. She didn't care what time. She said she would put it in the computer room so it would go in the rest of the house! I said, "Oh no you are not! You have to keep it in the jar!" She couldn't understand why.

Mama D said...


Devilish Southern Belle said...

That does sound so good, and sweet!

cubmommy said...

Sounds very sweet.