Thursday, May 22, 2008

Before and after in the garden

Before, originally uploaded by Secretsugar.

And after, originally uploaded by Secretsugar.

Unafraid of the big ass landscaping projects here!

Those sheets of newspaper in the after shot were expertly dampened by my own Bean so as to avoid them blowing away in today's breeze. She also expertly dampened my back, my pants, and her baby sister with that ice cold hose water, but I still can't think of a more perfect toddler gardening project!


Mama D said...

Whoah! I am daunted. I'm glad you are not!

kat said...

Man, I wish I had half of your enthusiasm for gardening! I can manage a tiny little garden with some herbs or what have you, but all the major projects I leave to Doug. I do love the feel of dirt, but I'm not a big fan of the heat. Though, if I weren't pregnant right now, I might be in the dirt anyway, since the weather has been so amazing and glorious lately! Have fun!

Bina said...

A hose expert! I love it!

And there is nothing better than looking at your work, is there?