Friday, May 02, 2008

New mama groove

I posted about this book a couple weeks ago, and have since bought my copy, read it once, and have started re-reading it a second time.

It's that wonderful. If you're the parent of young children, I recommend going out at once and picking up your own copy.

I have to say, though, that I was torn between feeling a tremendous amount of guilt that Soulemama is obviously a far more patient, talented, and family-centered mama than I am, and a tremendous amount of inspiration that I could be more like her. I could! She says all you have to do is get plenty of sleep and take care of your own creative needs, too.

Stop snickering, please.

Yeah, I know the getting enough sleep part is going to be hard with a nursing 5-month old and a toddler who both like their "sleep" sprinkled with visits from mama and papa, thanks. And finding the time to do my own creative projects on a daily basis so that my needs are met will run a close second in difficulty, though of the finding-the-time-for variety. But I'm inspired to try. Like, really try.

In the meantime, we've got some good art supplies for the big girls to use when they want. I've started asking Sister what special thing she might want to get done after school. (It was planning a "magic bead" necklace today.) And I've cut out t.v. in the evenings so I can work on my creative to-do list instead.

Next up, a banging wall on the backyard fence!


Bina said...

I bet ALL mother's feel guilt. It's part of being a mother I guess.

My youngest is now 5, and she is the most creative kid! I'm thinking it has mostly to do with how anal I was about my house when the other ones were little, and now I know after she has made her mess, we'll clean it up together. Kinda like her spilling sugar all over the floor, or the sparkly paint I bought her. Now that was freaking fun, AND creative to clean up! Does that count??

Mama D said...

I think we should make a banging wall and let Miss A bang on it at about 6 am after our neighbors keep us up the previous night partying. (insert hand rubbing and evil laughter here.)

Beth said...

um...having your own creative time when you're a mom of 3 little kids?? HA! I'm just trying to be realistic....I was a totaly MUSH HEAD when my kids were little, mostly from lack of sleep. Now, sleeping is my hobby and I love me some sleep...but whne they were little? it was all I could do to get up and maybe get my teeth brushed that,...being really depressed didn't help either. If only I had had my prozac when they were little!!! What fun we would have had together..

go for it girl! you are a fantastic mom and you can do anything!!!