Thursday, May 08, 2008

Growing Bean

For some months now, Bean's going-to-sleep routine has gone like this. She crawls into bed by herself. She asks for a tissue and gives her nose a perfunctory wipe. She asks for water and takes a token sip. She asks for a hug and kiss and we give them to her. She lies down and while we're fixing her blankets, she asks for a backrub. We give her a 5-10 second backrub and then she asks, "Can I tell you something?" We reply with an interested yes and she tells us this story:

There was a old guy named Spiderdam. He walks all over the place. And germs on people. And nu-fitin' an' bitin' an' fitin' an' bitin' and FITIN.'

End of story. And who the heck knows where it came from, but she says it every single day before nap and every night before bed.

Until today, that is. When I took her upstairs for nap a little while ago, she crawled in bed and very pointedly looked at me. "Do you want a tissue?" I prompted. She shook her head. "Do you want some water?" I offered. She shook her head again. I listed all the rest of her usual bedtime routine components, but she wanted none of them. "Do you want anything?" I asked her. Nope, she didn't need a thing.

I hate to see the little girl stuff disappear like that. And this time it was so sudden!


Mama D said...

Wow! Did I ever tell you I think Bean and Miss A would really get along? Yesterday she told me she didn't want to wear clothes. I asked her what did she want to wear. "Flowers."

Yeah, I miss when they stop doing/saying those little bizarre things as well.

Beth said...

No bean!!!!! Come back to childhood!!!! Be a baby again!

I hate it when they grow up....but man does she talk cute!

Bina said...

Oh man! I would hate that, too. It's so cute. Mine and Ariana's is I have to hug her, kiss her, hiss and hug her baby, tuck her in and said, "Snug as a bug in a rug". Say, "I love you! Good night! Sleep tight!" and God forbid if I would forget any of it, cause then we have to start all over! LOL

cubmommy said...

Don't you hate when they grow up. Big Cubby is now calling me Mom and not Mommy. I miss that.