Thursday, April 10, 2008


Scary rubber snake!, originally uploaded by Secretsugar.

Actually, this is just a rubber snake scaring off the rabbits who keep munching my hollyhocks. I keep moving the snake so that the rabbits remain in the dark about his rubber-ness and so far my little plants have only been bothered by a bug or two. Woo-hoo!

But that has NOT prevented them from decimating some sundrops and some mallow plants that were about 20 feet away and that I hadn't even gotten into the ground yet.

Bunny damage, originally uploaded by Secretsugar.

Little fuckers. I'm fresh out of rubber snakes, so perhaps a trip to the toy store is in order today...


Amber said...

What a cool idea! *mentally filing away*

Bina said...

You need a cat. My cat will bring home rabbits from far and wide, but he doesn't kill the babies. He keeps them in the yard and dares them to move so he can pounce on them. Alaina took one from him last year, spanked him, and we had to go set the lucky "little fucker" free to grow up and destroy more gardens!

Beth said...

damn bunnies....they always eat my green beans right when they come up in my garden. But they are kinda cute...and the ones around my house always seem to be so fat, for some strange reason.

I thought that snake was real at first! ;)