Thursday, April 03, 2008

Now, even I hate math!

The hardest part lately of being the mother of three is not the attention demanded by the baby or even by my Bean, queen of the drop-of-the-hat temper tantrum. These days, it's been Sister who's required intensive management from me. Frickin' long division math homework! Sister hates math and especially this math. She just finished TWO AND A HALF HOURS of hysteria- and tears-inducing math and I, for one, am exhausted and extremely pissy. I've had fantasies of farming her out to an afterschool program because I hear that they have homework time and maybe someone besides me could handle this a little better.

Anyone else got some advice for me here? I can't continue having afternoons like this!


Mama D said...

Hmmm. I have heard of parents talking to teachers about unreasonable amounts of homework and that sometimes the teachers begin to back off on said homework. But, yeah a tutor would probably be a good idea too. I know I certainly would NOT want to (or be capable of) help with Math homework.

Amber said...

Are you doing homework immediately after school? Maybe give her an hour to relax and unwind first? Of course that was my first thought with my oldest and trying to get her to do homework later was a pain- so we started doing it right after school and it became a non-issue. So switching up times might help? (I was getting to it).

Joan said...

5th grade has been the worse for my daughter for homework. Over spring break, I finally had to break down and hire a graduate math student to tutor my son.

Bina said...

Oh my. I wish I could help, but it sounds like the rounds I used to go through with my 2nd son, Kekoa. I would try to tell him if he would just DO it and not cry about it, he would get done so much faster. He spent more time saying "I CAN'T DO IT!" I would have the melt down and walk away.

I finally to Sylvan Learning Center, but could afford two months of it, but they did an amazing job!

Sorry, that's all I got!

cubmommy said...

Um, no advice to give because I am not there yet. I dread that time coming up.


Being a mom of three I am overwhelmed, exhausted, grouchy and stressed.

Good times.

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Gah, I say go for the afterschool program! Math is SO not my thing, and if my kids needed my help with it, they'd be in serious trouble. Anything else I can deal with, but I draw the line at math. And especially the new way of doing math. The old way didn't make sense, and the new way makes even less sense to me.