Friday, November 17, 2006

A little punchy here...

My to-do list was ridiculously huge today, even for me. I've just begun to realize how close Thanksgiving is and how much I want to do before Husband's brother and nephew get here from Colorado and my mom and rest of the clan show up. The number one thing on my list is to clean the whole house, followed by a trip to the ABC store for booze, getting new plants for the front porch to replace the faded mums, sorting through the morass of papers on our desk, and much, much more. It's a colossal list.

We're hosting this year and I'm so psyched.

I'd like to go officially on record as saying that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There. Christmas is a definite number two if you ask me. To me, Thanksgiving has all the good parts of Christmas without all the stress and overspending. Most of you who've been reading here awhile already know how much I love to cook and bake and eat and drink. I do! Absolutely love it all! Thanksgiving prominently features ALL FOUR OF THESE FABULOUS THINGS. I also enjoy dinner parties with children running around wildly in the yard while the adults gaze on them fondly over post-dinner glasses of something. Furthermore, I love having an excuse to bust out the china and ancient crystal wine glasses, the white linen napkins, and a freshly ironed tablecloth. See? Thanksgiving is just the best, hands down, for a little Laura Ingalls wannabe like myself.

It's a lot of work to prepare, of course, though the amount of fuss you want to put yourself through is totally optional and therefore shouldn't be stressful if you're careful to maintain perspective. Today's naptime, for example, found me on the back porch trying with little success to empty the contents of a huge, neon-green, supposedly indoor-outdoor, but nevertheless undeniably moldy beanbag in order to save some of the styrofoam beads inside and reduce my paroxysms of liberal guilt over THAT much styrofoam in the landfill from ME. (I can use these styrofoam beads for something...) I was doing this in order to make the porch look nicer without this enormous, moldy, styrofoam-leaking eyesore--for Thanksgiving. I even went so far as to floss the porch floorboards free of the stuck styrofoam beads with a pick-up-stick, vacuuming it all up with Husband's handy shop vac. For Thanksgiving. And all the while I was near hysteria--I mean the good kind of cackling, laughing hysteria--over my own stupidity and ingenuity at creating tasks to take up the time here at home. I was thinking to myself, "C'mon, I know being a stay-at-home mom is supposed to be work and all--or at least you're supposed to SAY SO in order to be p.c. these days--but truly, I am making this shit up most of the time!"

Anyways, Husband's out of town for the night, gone to Georgia where he's picking up some furniture in storage at his uncle's house. It's for Thanksgiving, you know, to make our still-empty guest room sleepable for Husband's brother. And I'm off to have a second cocktail since it's the weekend. I'm going to try out a recipe for a bishop (American style, not English). If I like it, we might be having them for Thanksgiving.


Beth said...

I am with you on Thanksgiving. It's my favorite too, I just love all the food and cooking and baking, and the smells!! Oh, the smells are glorious.

I ALWAYS cook dinner, even if we end up at someone else's house for Thanksgiving. I love that cold turkey sandwich at night.

Have a good holiday! What's a bishop? What is your specialty? I think mine might be stuffing.

Belle said...

I want some amaretto to put in my cocoa these chilly nights!

Sounds like you have your sh*t together. I wouldn't have people over here if my life depended on it, but hopefully by this time next year it will be showplace pretty.

JMom said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite too, for the same reason. No stress of trying to find the right gifts and overspending. Instead I'm free to indulge and party :)

I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Joan said...

I agree I love Thanksgiving the most. Now that my kids are older, it would be great if my family would down play the gift giving at Christmas and concentrate more of enjoying being toegether and the food. It seems as though we're giving gifts just to give them - which is probably a subject for one of my post. Happy Thanksgiving!

Brony said...

Hope that everything weny well.

Mama D said...

Turkey. Gravy. Pumpkin Pie. It's all good.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, Thanksgiving is wonderful! I love trying new recipes on my family and spending time with them.

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