Monday, November 27, 2006

Hooray! My first real family drama!

You know you're busy when things like, "Blog," and "Put up Xmas decorations" appear on your list. Or at least I do. Those things are things I consider fun, not something I usually have to remind myself to do. But here goes again, right?

I've fallen very behind on my blog reading lately, but I should get around to it during Bean's afternoon naptime. (Right after I cross off "Wash out muddy cooler" and "Soak antique quilts" from my list.) This means I have no idea how the rest of you spent your Thanksgivings, whether your dinners were delicious or hectic or fraught with family drama. I, for one, experienced all three of these things over the weekend.

Thanksgiving itself was lovely. Everyone showed up and got along. My old friend Suburban Gorgon came with her family PLUS delicious homemade egg noodles and a chocolate chip pie that caused most everyone to shun the usual pecan and pumpkin pies. My mom brought some veggies and some cranberry sauce so tasty that Bean hoovered down three servings before I stopped her out of fear of fruit acid-induced diaper rash. My stepfather was in rare, benevolent form and didn't make a single charged political statement to stir shit up for the fun of it. The kids were all good and when they got rowdy we sent them outside to play tag, which they did ecstatically, if muddily. Really, a very wonderful Thanksgiving.

But my euphoria over a successful, relatively relaxing holiday was not to last.

Husband's brother booked a 6:00 am flight Saturday morning after a big fight with Husband on Friday. I won't go into details because it was just too silly to even believe, but given Husband's brother's slow, mysterious simmering all day Friday something was bound to happen. Anyways.

Guess I'll have to get used to future holiday dramas. This is not something I've ever had to worry much about in the past, mind you, so I'm a little unclear of family drama protocol. I suppose that I should just take my cues from Husband, since it's his brother, and just brush it off.

It IS sort of a pain in the ass when grown-ups just won't grow up, though.


JMom said...

ah, dramas...I know all about them. We are on our second year of self imposed exile from the big family thanksgiving...just because of said dramas. My hubby still can't get himself to go around the whole gang again. So until then, it's small get togethers for us, by invite only :)

Mama D said...

Our family seems to always be trying to tick each other off.

Glad that you had a (mostly) great Thanksgiving!

Oh, and you can send any of the leftover pumpkin and pecan pie to me.

Belle said...

Grownups not growing up? Oh, tell me about it. Luckily my drama doesn't usually involve my family, but I have seen enough immature adults to totally know what you're talking about.

It does sound like a lovely holiday despite the bit of drama, and props to you for preparing and hosting a dinner. I keep saying I am going to do that, but NEVER do.

Nikkie said...

I'm glad that you had a good holiday despite the drama. We've had a drama or two on our thanksgiving from time to time. I usually just brush it off. It is sad when grown ups won't grow up.

Beth said...

i know what you mean. But family drama is an every holiday occurance in my house, so if you need some advice, I will give it freely!

1st piece of advice: have holidays w/husband and kids only. Forget everyone else!

joan said...

We've got the drama, too. I'd really like Christmas with just my husband and kids but that's not going to happen.

cubmommy said...

Glad to hear you survived your family drama. Ours will come Christmas because we are heading down to visit both sides of our family. Hubby and my Mom don't really care for each other and I have a strained relationship myself. FUN!

Brony said...

It is a huge pain in the ass, but an unfortunate reality.